7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Custom Home Builders

Jul 25


joseph group

joseph group

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L.V.D Group’s initial success came from the creative approach we took to new home design. We continue with that approach today, reinforced by our dedication to openness, transparency, performance, and assistance.


A greatly built new custom home delivers health,7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Custom Home Builders Articles comfort, and efficiency. But building such a home using the latest construction methods is easier said than done. It takes more knowledge and expertise than most people realize. This knowledge is one of the reasons it pays to work with a custom home builder Melbourne.

Many people think that the idea of building a custom home from scratch requires too much management, is too expensive, requires, and is too intimidating a task to undertake. But what many people don’t know is that this process can be different and uncomplicated if you find a reputable and established custom home builder.

A custom home can be equated to a blank canvas to work with. You determine the budget, make important design calls, and get your builder to work with you from start to finish.  Here are 7 things you didn’t know about custom home builders Melbourne.

They Ensure a Smooth-Running Process

Building a home from the ground up can be a tedious process. However, custom home builders bring together all the different elements you will need. It means that you don’t have to hire different entities separately the way an individual contractors do. Custom builders Melbourne take the responsibility of hiring all the contractors and ensure that the job is done to your exact specifications. In most cases, design-build companies often have these contractors in-house.

Also, this ensures that everyone works together which ensures smooth design and construction. You won’t be forced to pay more for floor plan adjustments or construction delays as any issue is addressed during the drafting stage. This is because construction contractors and architects work together.

This way, custom homebuilders ensure that you not only remain within your budget but also on schedule because all parties are in the same wavelength. This is one of the greatest benefits of hiring custom home builders.

They Give You More of What You Want

The biggest draw of custom home builders is their ability to customize your home to your exact standards. There is a whole range of possibilities when it comes to building something you prefer. You can make the colours, appliances, and room sizes among other things to your specific tastes.

When you choose top builders Melbourne, you will be working closely which gives you an opportunity to tell them just what you want. This process is much more intimate and allows you to choose just what you would like to see in your newly built home. While you may choose your preferred architect, you also have an opportunity to work with a custom home builder that handles everything including the drafting and construction. This allows for your dreams to be implemented fully.

Apart from the design, you also get an opportunity to pick the materials that you want and not have to be limited to what’s being offered by the contractor. Want granite countertop? Whether it is oak floors or copper sink that you want, the choice is up to you.

They Create High-Performance Homes

When it comes to constructing high-performance buildings, health and efficiency are only two aspects.

A high-performance home entails much more. You can think of it as a Mercedes brand of car. The home’s builder, just like the manufacturer of the car, wants to deliver a breathtaking product that will wow the customer. Although the most visible characteristics of the home are its quality finishes and great design, its performance is based on immaculately engineered systems. These include both the systems that are visible to the homeowner, for instance digital home control, and those whose benefits aren’t usually noticed, like fresh air system, cooling, and perfectly tuned heating. Another thing not easily seen by the home owner are the structural elements built to withstand decay for decades.

They are More Knowledgeable than Conventional Builders

The high-performance of custom home is not just designed and then built, it is engineered. This engineering aims at delivering a worry-free experience. To create such a home, custom home builders Melbourne have to have knowledge that surpasses that of a conventional builder.

For instance, take those airtight walls. To meet the building code requirements and also guarantee fresh indoor are at the same time, not to mention the structural integrity, requires a builder to have a complete mastery of the principles of building science.

Building science is a well-known discipline which you can study and even have a degree in. It studies how all types of buildings handle heat, moisture, and air.  While builders need not necessarily be scientists, they at least need to implement the building science principles into the structures they build. They need to have a perfect understanding of how doors and windows affect the performance of a home, the art of building tight walls that don’t keep moisture, and how to decide on the optimal insulation levels. That’s what you get with custom home builders.

They Ensure You Get a Home of Your Dreams

That custom home builders ate hugely talented is not in doubt. When you hire one, you can be sure you will live in a home you’ve always dreamed of. Do you want a swimming pool in your backyard, a home theater or a large game room? You can get anything you want. The only thing that might hold you back is your imagination.

Easily Make Modifications to Your Design

It’s not unusual to change one’s mind when it comes to the design. When you are working with custom house builder Melbournes, you can be confident that those changes will be made on the fly. More than that, they’ll always be there to offer expert advice and recommendations to enable you to make the right judgments.

Custom Builders Give You Quality For Your Money

Ordinary builders make their profit by cutting corners on the materials they buy. Even before 10 years have elapsed, most of these materials will start falling apart. Window latches break, doors become unhinged, and the flooring wears out at a more rapid rate than you can blink your eyes. This will force you to spend more replacing these materials, which makes the entire process very expensive.

When you use Custom Home Builders at LVD group, you are guaranteed of getting the materials you want and not have to replace them later. Through offering top-of-the-line construction methods and quality materials, the LVD Group ensures you won’t need to pay to replace the materials later.

Your Dream Home Awaits

LVD group has a team of experienced and skilled custom home builders who understand just what it means to get a custom-built home. They will make your vision a possibility and include all the features in the places you want them. With the help of our dedicated team of building experts and architects, you can have the home you have always dreamed of. You get this without the long construction process that has unexpected obstacles but with great resale value.

If you want custom home builders around Melbourne, you just need to choose LVD Group. We have years of experience building custom homes in Melbourne and its neighbourhoods since 1980. Whether it is knockdown rebuild Melbourne or constructing a new home from scratch, we are equal to the task. Our customers have only become used to one thing: the best craftsmanship in homes. Call us today!