8 Interesting Things to Know About Interactive Displays

Jul 14


Radiant Info Solutions

Radiant Info Solutions

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Here are some cool facts about interactive displays that helps in efficient and collaborative meetings.


Interactive display is dynamic touch-screen based display device that allows to make vibrant visual presentations and modulate images and text through finger tips. Interactive displays find their application in all sectors like education, 8 Interesting Things to Know About Interactive Displays Articles business, retail, healthcare, military and defense and others.

The global interactive screen market is blooming since it enables to achieve better customer interaction and engagement. The global market was valued at 14.63 billion dollars in 2018 and was forecasted to reach 29.19 billion dollars by 2026. (Source: ZION Market Research)

The vast applications of interactive touch screen display in diverse sectors and the growth of education and retail industries especially in developing economies will drive the growth of interactive touch panel market in future. Although, the high cost of the transparent and quantum dot interactive display technologies and high maintenance of the displays may dampen the growth.

If you are searching for display dealer in India, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the best choice. They deal in interactive touch panels from Newline Interactive which provides the best products and services for modern classrooms, work-spaces and corporations. Before the incorporation of interactive touch display in your business, the following points are worth considering.

1. Display Panels

Interactive touch displays are classified into interactive flat panel display, flexible panel display and transparent panel display.

The interactive flat panels are large – format touchscreen displays that are widely used in business meetings and classrooms.

The flexible panels allow to fold your interactive screen and are meant for e-paper displays and mobile phones.

The transparent or see-through panels are interactive monitors on which the user can see and interact as well as see through it. They find use in retail to provide an exclusive shopping experience.

  2. Interactive Display Technology Used In Panels

The technologies used in displays can be OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), LED (Light Emitting Diodes), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and QD (Quantum Dot).

3. Screen Size

The screen size of flat panels varies from 51 to 98 inches which suits the purpose of any type of space – from small huddle rooms to large classrooms.

4. Audio-Visual Quality

The introduction of 4K Ultra HD imaging helps in providing crisp images. The interactive digital screens come with echo cancellation and background noise cancellation to give a clear video experience. Microphones embedded in the displays help in voice control and videoconferencing.

Newline interactive trutouch series displays are built-in with 4K image quality for exceptional video experience which are available through display supplier Radiant.

5. Screen Sharing Through Wi-Fi

The screen sharing option using Wi-Fi connectivity helps in easy sharing of the presentations. Interactive panel can be controlled from the devices in which the screen is shared that enables two-way collaboration.

6. Device and Software Compatibility

The modern interactive displays are compatible with all types of devices like Windows, iOS and Android that enables you to connect with all of these.

Apart from the in-built apps, interactive displays support a variety of software like Microsoft office suite, Prezi etc.

7. Advanced Touch Technology and Multi-touch Feature

The InGlass touch technology makes writing smooth and natural similar to writing on a paper.

Flat display panels come with the multi-touch feature allowing multiple users to write or draw on the screen simultaneously. This feature helps in effective accomplishment of group tasks.

Newline interactive display X-series features InGlass technology with intelligent touch that can recognize whether you are using pen or your fingers. You can contact the interactive display dealer Radiant to know more about it.

8. Security

Interactive touchscreen display can look after the data and network security. It clears all annotation records after meeting ends and provides options whether you want to save confidential information.