A Drill/Driver: The Best of Both Worlds

Dec 12


Mallory Kramer

Mallory Kramer

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Choosing the right drill can be difficult. This article explains the benefits of using a drill/driver over most standard drills. Drill/drivers combine the features of both a drill and a driver to simplify any project and ultimately give more bang for your buck. This article highlights the features and specs of a few drill/drivers by industry leaders: Makita, Hitachi, and BOSCH.


Choosing the right drill can be a tedious process. With so many drills and drivers to choose from,A Drill/Driver: The Best of Both Worlds Articles and with each application requiring an entirely new set of tools, the options can seem endless and daunting. Tradesmen are always in a struggle against bits and bit changes, against drills that merely spin and lack the ability to drive; they fight with bits, batteries, and cords batteling their standard drills to just drive that screw better. But amidst war cries and unending rows of drills and drivers, there lies the drill/driver. And with that a calm decends over craftsmen everywhere knowing that this tool will simplify their lives.

The marriage between drill and driver is a unparalleled convenience. A drill/driver still works like a standard drill but has the capacity to drive screws and to drive them more effeciently than any ordinary power drill on the market. The drill/driver really is having your cake and eating it too combining the functionality of both a drill and a driver into one tool. This amplified functionality and total durability make the drill/driver a staple part of any craftsman's (or home-owner's) toolbox. Please read on for information on some of the industries leading drill/drivers from Makita, Hitachi and BOSCH.

The Makita 10.8v Compact Lithium Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Kit: Makita has nearly 90 years of experience in producing some of the industries best and most quality products. Their line of power tools is always reliable, always tough and their new compact cordless drill kit is no exception. This two speed drill/driver dishes out 200in/lbs of torque delivering famous Makita power in a comfortable, compact design. This distinct two speed feature (0-350 / 0-1,300 RPM) allows for a wide range of drilling and driving applications bringing the versatility of this tool to a whole new level. Its functionality, matched with the tool's uniquely Makita features, maximize productivity and convenience on the job. Weighing only 1.9lbs this drill/driver's ultra compact design markedly reduces operator fatigue, and its ergonomic shape offers simpler controllability and even pressure throughout. The tool also has a soft grip handle for increased operator comfort and control; and with the convenience and mobility of a cordless tool, this new Makita drill driver is truly an exceptional product.

Makita has designed this power tool with a built-in LED light to help illuminate your work space and increase safety. The drill/driver kit uses a 10.8v Makita lithium ion battery for maximum run time and extended battery life. Makita lithium ion battery technology offers superior battery power in a more light weight, more efficient package. With its sleek black and white design and practical, light weight construction, every homeowner should have this drill. Makita has engineered the DF030DW to be versatile, efficient, and compact; an ideal tool for hobbyists and home improvement projects - and yet still powerful enough for contractors and carpenters.

The Makita DF030DW is backed by Makita's exclusive battery technology and superior engineering; it also comes with two lithium ion 1.3ah batteries and a fifty minute battery charger. In addition, a #2 double ended Phillips bit, and a secure tool case and tool holster are also included in the kit. Makita's cordless driver/drill kit comes with a three year factory warranty and a one year factory warranty on the batteries and charger.

The Hitachi 10.8v Lithium Ion Micro Drill/Driver: Hitachi's technology and durability is well known throughout the tool industry and their power tools are famed for their quality. Hitachi's micro drill/driver is a prime example of such innovation and value. Firstly, the 10.8v lithium ion micro drill/driver weighs a mere 1.8lbs for ultra compact convenience. The tool delivers 88 in/lbs of torque and has an unique 21+1 chuck with 21 torque settings and a drill mode for maximum accuracy and control. The chuck has a 1/4" hex and quick changes for easy bit replacement - and to enhance drilling/driving capabilities, it also spins in both forward and reverse.

The DB10DL is not only designed ergonomically for superior comfort, but also in a way that allows the drill to stand on its own when not in use. This ultra balanced tool weight reduces operator stress and fatigue through allowing the users wrist to remain aligned. Hitachi has also built this drill/driver with a LED light ring around the chuck to help keep work spaces light and safe. The tool has a variable speed trigger (0-400RPM) for maximum control over even the most intricate operations, and a battery charge indicator light conveniently designed to warn users when run-time is getting low. The DB10DL micro drill/driver runs with powerful Hitachi battery technology and with a patented charging system. This system prevents over heating and power loss, thus extending the overall life of the battery.

With its ultra compact size and unique versatility and features Hitachi's micro drill/driver is ideal for home-owners and hobbyists. Though the tool is still strong, it is most ideal for more precise and delicate operations. Its sleek and comfortable design and its supreme versatility qualifies this tool as the tiny giant of its class. Hitachi's 10.8v lithium ion micro drill/driver includes two 1.5 Ah (amp hours) lithium ion batteries, a quick charger, a Phillips driver bit and seven-piece bit set, and a durable carrying case. The tool also comes backed with Hitachi's industry-leading five year warranty.

The BOSCH 12v Max Litheon Impactor Fastening Driver: Throughout the tool industry, BOSCH is well known for their innovative design and exemplary quality. Their tools have a commanding reputation of power and durability, so it comes as no surprise that BOSCH has just introduced a new impactor fastening driver with the most force in its class. BOSCH's new 12v impactor is designed with a powerful hammer and anvil system that produces a huge 800in/lbs of torque. This amazing force offers up to 300 percent more torque than any other drill/driver to date. The driver is powered by a high performance motor that delivers 1,800 RPM and 3,000 BPM for serious, fast fastening and optimal tool performance. Additionally, the impactor is powered by BOSCH's supreme Litheon battery technology. Litheon batteries utilize lithium ion technology in a compact, lightweight design to optimize battery life, power, and runtime. The driver is also designed with a variable speed trigger for a wide range of speeds and applications. BOSCH's impactor uses a 1/4" hex quick change chuck that can instantly change from drill bits to driving bits for ultra efficiency and convenience.

BOSCH's new impactor (driver/drill), weighs in at only 2.2lbs, is sleek and compact, and still packs maximum power and superior force. The tool's ergonomic design and soft grip optimizes operator comfort and control. Furthermore, the PS40-2A has three built-in LED work lights in the front end of the tool to illuminate works areas and increase precision. The tool is designed with bumpers on its sides to prevent slipping and protect work surfaces.

With its light weight, superior functionality, and its maximum driving power and hammering action, this tool will simplify woodworking and home- improvement projects. With its comfortable size and industry leading torque, the tool is ideal for both installers and other serious carpenters, as well as for hobbyists. The tool is backed by BOSCH's reputation of power and durability, and their Provantage three year tool protection plan. BOSCH's impactor fastening driver also includes two Litheon 12v max batteries, a 30 minute charger, two 1.5" power driver bits, and a carrying case for security and convenience.