A Guide to Investments in Parc Central

Nov 14


Christian Agus Candra

Christian Agus Candra

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Parc Central Residences is one of the most anticipated EC in 2021. Located at Tampines Avenue 10, Parc Central will create a residence with an atmosphere like in Central Park (the world-famous urban park in New York) by presenting an amazing landscaped park with four facilities zones and a a total of 88 facilities inside. The latest information for how many Parc Central Residences has been sold is still coming soon. Make sure you register or check on our official website for the latest updates.


Why Buy Parc Central Residences EC?

Why should we choose Parc Central Residences? Because there are many benefits that we can get when we choose a unit to live there. Parc Central is the first EC launch in East since 2012,A Guide to Investments in Parc Central Articles located near other EC launches such as Arc at Tampines, The Tampines Trilliant, Citylife @ Tampines, and Pinevale.

The second reason is that Parc Central is located in an area with high potential capital gains. 4 Executive condominiums mentioned above have a good value in terms of price appreciation, one EC reaches 80% capital gain. Choosing a place to live with capital gains and property appreciation in mind also needs to be considered because it can become income for you in the next few years if you want to rent out EC or move to another place and sell your unit.

Another reason is the upcoming transformation at Paya Lebar Air Base. In the change plan, Paya Lebar Airbase has 800 hectares of the site, which will provide many new opportunities for workplaces, a great place to live, and bigger property appreciation potential.

Also, there is a 2019 draft master plan that will make enhancements to the East Region. One of them is to fill in new spaces for recreational spaces. Besides, the master plan will also enhance mobility by extending the rail network. These new rail lines will enhance the connectivity with five new MRT stations, which will be built in 2029.

Parc Central Residences EC Details

There are some details that you can get for information from Parc Central Residences. One of them is the EC, which is expected in 2021, which will appear in the first quarter. Make sure you register to find out the units provided and several site-plans for each unit and facility in the residences.

The total site area of Parc Central is 268,430 sqft, with a total of 700 residential units provided for modern-day families of various sizes. The configuration per unit is available in several types, from 3BR with three different types, 4BR, and also 5BR.

The land price is $ 578 PSF PPR, and the winning bid by Hoi Hup and Sunway. This developer has launched several successful projects, including Parc Canberra, Arc at Tampines, and soon it's Parc Central.

The four facilities zones consist of Playfield, The Cove, Lawn, and Lake. You will get several advantages while living in this residence, because you will find several facilities that are very suitable to support a healthy and happy life, such as a spa, tennis court, pool, play pool, BBQ pavilion, and many more.

Parc Central Residences EC Land Cost

As mentioned above, the land cost of the Parc Central unit is $ 578. Seven hundred residential units with different configurations and a different number of units in each type. The three bedrooms have deluxe, premium, and luxury types with a total of 399 units. Deluxe bedroom with C1 / C2 type with an area of 872-1098 sqft. Premium bedroom with C3 / C4 / C5 with an area of 926-1152 sqft. For premium rooms with C6 / C7 / C8 with an area of 990-1270 sqft.

Meanwhile, four bedrooms and five bedrooms are available, with a total of 301 units. Meanwhile, four bedrooms and five bedrooms are available with 301 units. 4 rooms with an area of 1109-1335 sqft for type D1 / D2, 1206-1442 sqft for type D3a / D3b / D4, and 1270-1485 sqft for type D5. While for five rooms, there are two types, namely E1 / E2, with an area of 1432-1701 sqft.

Parc Central Residences is one of the most anticipated EC because it provides many types of units that can suit your family's needs. In addition, if you can look at the land cost perspective, you can also estimate how much the launch price will be, and you can calculate your prospects for the next five years.

As mentioned above, between Parc Central, there are several residences that have good prospects and get a capital gain of up to 80%. In addition, there are several developments that will help increase the potential of Parc Central to become a strategic EC for all fields. You can live in a place close to the best schools at all levels, excellent connectivity, and amazing potential for development. This can be ensured that Parc Central also has the potential for rapid development if you want to rent or sell it in the future. parc central floor plans

Parc Central Residences EC – Smart Home

When looking for new units, make sure that you do as much homework as possible before purchasing the property. While the money that you spend on research might seem expensive at first, it's often well worth it when you see that you can purchase a home without a problem.

Parc Central Residences EC is categorized as a smart home with luxury looks, accommodating your family needs with branded furnishings and fittings, making you more comfortable. Quality finishings from Hansgrohe / Yale / Blum / Bosch will be used so that the luxury looks will really feel in your home.

Besides that, don't forget the excellent connectivity that makes Parc Central Residences into modern conveniences, because it is connected to 3 MRT stations, close to several mega-malls such as Jewel, Giant, and IKEA. For those of you who like a green atmosphere with a football field-sized space suitable for your family picnic, dining area, lake pool, and elevated gym, Parc Central Residences is the right place.