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The world’s leading document management manufacturer and service operator, Xerox, has begun the transformation process of their printing technology to a new and more green way to do business. They are doing their part to help make the world a healthier place for both present and future generations to live in.

Xerox has just announced that they have launched a new brand of products for those customers that want products that are green. They have a new line of papers,Guest Posting Web tools and other resources that are going to be extremely beneficial to their customers. Customers will be able to access these tools to help them decide which product and service is best suited for their project.

Green Paper

Xerox’s current product, Color Xpressions, is one product that testifies to their desire to provide earth-friendly products to their customers. This paper is manufactured from 20 sheets of recycled pages that have had their surfaces smoothed to provide a perfect surface for digital printing. This paper works great for a variety of needs, from printing pictures and mini posters to utilizing it for brochures or business documents. It has a brightness level of 98, which is just 2 points away from the max brightness level of 100, so you know that your finished product will look its best.

Digital printing equipment can be sensitive to jams depending on the type of paper that is used with it. The High Yield Business papers is an earth friendly paper that works well with this equipment and provides a great surface for your printing needs. It is made from fibers and takes less than half the number of trees to produce it as traditional paper takes.

Be Sure the Green Seal is There

To make it easier for customers to find the green products that they are wanting, Xerox will be imbedding their sustainability mark on all of their green products and packaging material this year. This will allow customers to easily find what product they need for their green printing needs. The packaging will also include a message from Xerox about their role in helping to stop global warming and pollution and their paper recycling program. They will also have a line or two of the benefits your business or home will be gaining from the use of green products.

As if Xerox has not done enough to make it easier to purchase green products, they have created an online database which is filled with information on how you can easily and quickly find the right product for your printing needs. By using green products you will be doing a small part to help preserve our planet for our generation and those that will come in the future. There is also a section devoted to tips and advice on how you can make green printing work for you by creating less waste and getting more out of your ink. This is all just a little bit that you can do to help preserve Planet Earth in your day.

Some of the abnormally strict guidelines that Xerox has implemented to ensure forest preservation include manufacturing only green goods and wood procurement.

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