Picking Your Planer: Three Great Power Planing Options

Jan 11


Mallory Kramer

Mallory Kramer

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Power planing is an effecient and smooth way to shape, shave, and level your woodworking projects. Replacing the long process of manual hand planing, a power planer effortlessly shaves and smooths even the roughest lumber. Understand what power planer can best meet your woodworking needs.


Bypassing the strenuous and tedious efforts of traditional (manual) hand planing,Picking Your Planer: Three Great Power Planing Options Articles the hand-held power planer has changed the way woodworkers level, shape, and shave wood. Effortlessly, smoothly, and precisely, the power planer smooths and levels lumber in a more simple and fluid process. The power planer is designed to surface wood. With it, craftsmen can shave and shape wood to size, can level uneven or warped stock, and can evenly smooth rough or cross-grained materials. Also acting like a jointer, a power planer can smoothly surface and edge entire pieces of lumber. Being more versatile than a jointer, however, a planer is portable and can be utilized on and around job sites rather than strictly in the shop. Woodworkers and craftsmen rejoice at the optimized functionality of the power planer, and sleep more soundly at night knowing it will smooth and finely finish, better shave and shape, all of their woodworking projects. Please continue reading for information on some of the industry's leading planers from Makita, DEWALT, and Bosch.

Makita's 3-1/4 in planer kit, weighing only 5.5 lbs and delivering a powerful 15,000 (no load) RPM, offers a remarkably high power-to-weight ratio - making the tool more effecient and easier to use for extended periods of time. For enhanced performance, Makita has also redesigned the tool's (4 Amp) motor with more output power and intensified overall strength. The planer is also designed with a centerline balance with front and rear grips positioned for optimal user control. This balanced system also helps eliminate gouging and uneven planing as the tool is engaged. For fast and easy blade installation Makita's N1900B has a simple blade setting system, and has a lock-on button for continuous use and reliable, always smooth planing. For optimal performance, the tool uses double-edged tungsten-carbide mini blades with a longer life-span and always smooth cutting capability. To increase the tool's overall life and durability, Makita's planer has a strong all ball bearing construction. The planer is double insulated for added safety and security, and has a base built with precision machined aluminum for enhanced planing accuracy ans precision shaping. The tool has a 3-1/4 in plaining width and a 1/32 in plaining depth for delicate and precise plaining and always smooth results. Makita's 3-1/4 in planer kit includes a blade gauge assembly, socket wrench, guide rule, a strong and precise double-edged carbide blade set, and plastic tool case for security and convenience. The N1900B bears Makita's good name, and comes with their one year manufacturer's warranty. Makita offers several other 3-1/4 in planer models including the 1902 and KP0810.

DEWALT offers a heavy-duty 3-1/4 in planing kit with a 7.0 Amp motor that powerfully delivers a smooth, even finish to even the roughest woods. Weighing 6.2 lbs and running at 15,000 RPM, the tool ensures an always high-quality cut, and operates with a stronger poly-V drive belt for increased belt durability. Eliminating the need to constantly re-zero your depth while working, and for the most accurate depth setting capability, DEWALT's planer has a finely calibrated depth adjustment knob. The planer has a 3/32 in (2.5mm) maximum cut depth which reduces the amount of passes necessary to shape or smooth your material. The tool has a precision-machined shoe bottom and side that provides a flat surface finish, and accurate, square rabbet joints (rabbeting depth: ½ in) for strong cabinets, drawers, and other woodworking projects. Additionally, the planer's front shoe has three precision machined grooves that provide three different sizes for smooth and accurate edge chamfering. The DW680K features an ergonomically designed two finger trigger that both increases user comfortability and decreases fatigue or strain on the job; it also features a front-height adjustment knob that is rubber-coated for optimized comfort and control as you work. The planer provides a kickstand that allows the user to rest the tool on his materials in between passes without gouging or marring it. DEWALT's heavy-duty planer works with large, resharpenable high speed steel blades - ideal for framing applications or straight edging. For the most precise and detailed woodworking projects, DEWALT's planer also works with reversible carbide blades. The planer kit includes two reversible carbide blades, a rabbeting fence, and heavy duty kit box; additionally, the DW680K is backed by DEWALT's three year limited warranty.

Bosch delivers a powerful 3-1/4 in planer with a 6.5 Amp motor and a commanding 16,500 RPM for fast stock removal and an always smooth finish. Bosch's planer also has a bevel guide fence that ensures always consistent planing from zero to 45 degrees, and, for increased safety, a protective shield that covers the portion of the blade that is not in use. The planer additionally has a spring-loaded park rest stand that further protects the blade and workpiece in a special shape that also allows for easy start-up - even in the middle of a workpiece. With a ratcheting depth knob, the planer has always accurate and precise depth increments from zero to 3/32 in within on revolution. This system allows user to make deep cuts in only one pass and eliminates the need to continually re-zero your depth settings. Bosch's 1594K has a chip ejection switch that while working, directs shavings and debris (to the left or right) away from the workpiece; and with an ambidextrous lock-off release button, the tool is more protected from accidental starts. The tool is double insulated for safety, and, with optional accessories, can be converted for use with large high-speed steel blades. Bosch's 3-1/4 in planer has a versatile two-blade system that works with Bosch's Woodrazor micrograin carbide blades. These uniquely Bosch blades last up to 30 percent longer than standard carbide blades and are resistant to fracture from nail and staple strikes. Bosch's 1594K planer kit comes with two Woodrazor blades, a chip bag, bevel guide fence, blade wrench, and a carrying case for convenience and security. The tool also comes with Bosch's one year manufacturer's warranty.