"A Secret For Finding Riches in Expired Domain Names!"

Nov 6


A. T. Rendon

A. T. Rendon

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"A Secret For Finding Riches in Expired Domain Names!" by ... ... 2002All Rights Reserved Did you know the ... about domain ... are ... Domains ...


"A Secret For Finding Riches in Expired Domain Names!"
by A.T.Rendon
© Copyright 2002
All Rights Reserved

Did you know the following about domain names?

There are currently:
27,689,387 Domains registered
676,464 Domains on-hold
and 17,390,076 Domains have been deleted
Source: http://www.DeletedDomains.com/

A lot has happened as a result of the dot.com bust.

The Internet,"A Secret For Finding Riches in Expired Domain Names!" Articles during the latter part of the 20th century
and once considered the modern day version of the
California Gold Rush, had people speculating on all
sorts of domain name versions in hopes of striking it rich.

At the time, those hopes were fueled by actual success
stories that found the rights to some domain names being
sold for millions of dollars, including the business.com name.

Alas, those sorts of gems were the exception rather than the
rule and with the fizzle of the dot.com buzz, reality set in and
a sense of rational thinking has finally come to prevail so that
we now find 10's of 1000's of domain names being discarded
on a weekly basis.

Frankly, many of the domain names that are biting the dust
very much need to be discarded. Many sites were numbers
and letter combinations that spelled out such indistinguishable
domains as: 111111111111111111111111powerdiscountsale.com
and 2buysellbiddomains.com.

No doubt during the heady days of the Gold Rush these choices
seemed perfect but now they just do not seem to make much sense.

Perhaps a million dollar domain can no longer be found, especially
within the ranks of the discarded, but here is a little known secret:

There are gems to be found among the discarded domain names!

Every single day 1000's of domains are discarded by their owners
who fail to renew or pay for the registration fees on their expiring

The reasons can be as varied as the number of domains but what
is important here is that these rejected properties can actually
create an opportunity for you!

Why does this create an incredible opportunity for you?

Because hidden among all the obvious dogs there might just
be an unpolished gem waiting for you to seize the moment.

Some of you might just want an e-Commerce site in general or
perhaps you are looking for something more specific, such as
a real estate related domain, or cars or pets, etc.

Whatever your domain name needs might be, you are very apt
to find something appropriate hidden among the 1000's that
will prove to be a perfect fit for you.

Finding such a gem might be quite difficult and time consuming
were it not for the FREE resource quoted above and found at:

DeletedDomains has a FREE search function found on their
web site that allows you to conduct a search name of expired
domains with such criteria as:

· Show : .com, .net, .org or ALL
· Domains that were : deleted or put on hold
· Anytime: in the last 60, 30, or 7 days or within the last 24 hours
· Contain, Start or End: with certain letters
· Are of a certain length in characters
and you may also
· Exclude domains that contain hyphens
· Exclude domains that contain numbers

The FREE service makes an impossible task a bit more bearable
once you enter in the search features you desire and focus in on
what domain name will work best for you.

Why is ALL this worth the trouble?

For several reasons.

Because you may find a domain name that has been in existence
for at least two years and that means that as soon as you open
your doors you should have established traffic that stems from
the marketing efforts of the previous owner.

Add to the mix your own marketing efforts and you have a jump
start over all other just named domains.

You may also find a domain name that is not 3 blocks long,
like the example shown above.

Short domain names are easier to remember than long ones.
And, they look so much better on your business card!

Finding the right domain name, whether it is newly created or
you are searching the files of DeletedDomains, will take time,
persistence and above all, patience.

The rewards for your investment might prove to be priceless!
A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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