How To Make Money Selling Domain Names

Nov 25


Wayne Ford

Wayne Ford

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Domain name ... has to be one of the very best ways to make money on the ... It's easy, fun, takes a very low ... and has a huge profit ... ... and ... are al


Domain name speculation has to be one of the very best ways to
make money on the Internet. It's easy,How To Make Money Selling Domain Names Articles fun, takes a very low
investment and has a huge profit potential. Businesses and
webmasters are always looking for high quality, marketable
domain names and will pay you big bucks if you have the name
they want. Many people are making a good living buying and
selling domain names. And you can too.

Below I will tell you everything you need to know, including
where to find good domain names that are still available for
registration (for as low as $14.) This used to be one of the
hardest and most frustrating parts of domain investing. In the
past to find good domain names you would have to search, one by
one, until one came up that was available. But now there are
research tools and compiled lists that do this for you! You can
also get lists of domains that have expired, due to non-
and have been put back into the available pool. More on this
below, but first lets discuss what makes a good domain name.


The suffix is the most important factor. .COM, .NET, and .ORG
are by far the most popular. Other alternative domains like
.TV, .FM, are becoming more and more popular because they are
wide open. For example where you couldn't get you can
still get (well maybe not anymore). For now, I would
with .COM because they will be the easiest to sell.

Would a webmaster or business want it? Ask yourself that
question and if you can't instantly say "Yes!" than don't buy
it. Also the more generic the domain name the better. And
remember it is illegal to register a business name or trademark
that you do not own. This is called "cyber-squatting" and tough
laws are now in place to protect against this.

The shorter the name the better. These are the most memorable
and easiest to market. At the time of writing this, there are
only about a thousand three character domain names left. To
out how to get a list of these and four-character domain names
see below.

What names are selling? Do some research on or (popular domain auctions) and see what names are
selling and for how much. Below are what some domains recently
auctioned for or have current bids at $92,800 $35,080 $6,060 $4,725 $14,510 $2,625 $1,890 $730 $765 $2,885 $15,000 $15,000 $198,895.00


There is a myth circulating cyberspace that all the good
are taken already. And although it is true that thousands of
domain names are registered everyday, there are still good
to found. The best way to find great domains is to subscribe to
expired domain lists. These are compiled lists of the thousands
of repossessed domain names that have been put back into the
domain pool every day. They are available again for anyone to
register and contain some really great names; recently
appeared in one and was snatched up by a lucky subscriber. As a
subscriber you will get first pick at registering these names.
There are two such lists that I know of:

Unclaimed Domains -

DNSIndex Expired Domains -

These lists are literally worth thousands of dollars. To get
lists all you have to do is subscribe, which is easy and cheap.
Then each week you will receive a fresh list of expired domains
in your email inbox.

You may also purchase a custom keyword search in the recently
expired domain name pool from DNS research - .

Other tools to help you find great domain names:

DNS Research - sells lists of all
available Dictionary Word .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names.
They also offer lists of remaining three character domain names.

DNS Index - - sells lists of available
three character and four character domain names as well as
custom searches of the expired domain pool.

FREE tools to help you find great domain names: offers a free weekly e-zine that includes a
list of over 200 high quality expired and available domain
names. The website also has tons of domain related links,
resources, services, news and more. has a great search engine that recommends available
domain names based on a keyword you enter. has a search engine that does pretty much the same
thing except you have to click on each name individually to see
if it is available.


After you find some good domain names, you will need to
them. Not too long ago the cost to register a domain name was
$70 for two years. But with new regulations and the
of registering privileges the cost of registration has become
more affordable. Meaning more profit for you! You can now
register a domain name for as little as $14 for a year. One
place to do this is at


The most effective place on the Internet to sell your domain
names is on auction sites. List them first on,, and There are also domain
name brokers that will list your site for free, a fee when
a fee to list, or both a fee to list and when sold. is a great high traffic site to list on and
only pay them only a small percentage when you sell your
If you have a good domain name, and your price is right it
be long before a buyer bids or contacts you.

Many new domain sellers make the mistake of trying to sell
domain name for thousands of dollars. When, in fact, you will
much better selling more domains for a few hundred dollars.
way you will have a much higher turn around rate. Remember you
are registering the names for $14 and if you sell one for even
$200 that is still a huge 2600% profit!


As you can see, domain name buying and selling is a good way to
make a great deal of money. It's very easy and you can do it in
your spare time. Get started today by subscribing free to, subscribing to DNSIndex - (instant access to expired domains) and
any of the other available and expired domain lists listed
above. Register with and and begin
selling! Good Luck!

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