Accelerate your doctor booking app using our irresistible Practo clone script

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In the modern phase of mobile app friendly environment, the online healthcare industry is experiencing profitable growth in this digital era, especially during this pandemic.

Many people were in search of an effective online platform for booking appointments online with their doctors instantly since they were not able to step outside.


Are you a dedicated and an aspiring entrepreneur looking to set your foot in this online healthcare industry? Or are you striving hard to scale your healthcare business in this competitive market? Well! It is essential to develop a doctor appointment booking app connecting a wide range of skilled doctors and patients worldwide.


You may ponder that it sounds great to hear but is it possible to reach a massive audience? The answer is a big Yes! Flourish your medical business online with our impeccable Practo clone scriptproviding a convenient platform for users to book appointments seamlessly,Guest Posting connecting with innumerable doctors globally.


Here in this article, we will discuss what our Practo clone app has in store.


Add-ons we integrated on our doctor appointment booking app like Practo



  • App personalization


With this feature in the Practo clone, the admin can focus and target a particular location and customize their app to function in that particular area. This will majorly help your business creating a massive yet potential user in a specific location easily.



  • Chat translator


Our Practo clone is integrated with this remarkable feature, eliminating language barriers between the users and the doctors. With this advanced chat translator, the users can view the messages in their desired/known languages.


  • Voice messaging


We incorporated this voice messaging solution into the Practo clone to allow users to have instant and hassle-free communication. This feature makes the conversation effective and helps grab more users easily.



  • Smart reply option


Our Practo clone app development has this smart reply option helping users on the doctor appointment booking platform to send swift replies for every incoming message.



  • Moderation option


An image moderation is included in our Practo clone that detects and filters inappropriate images/messages and abusive things that users submit on the platform. This helps boost the credibility of the doctor appointment booking app like Practo.


The streamlined workflow of the patient app


  • Registration


Users can log in to the app by registering with their credentials like their name, age, contact details, medical history, etc.



  • Browsing


After signing into the app, users search for medical professionals based on reviews, ratings, experience, etc., and choose a suitable doctor.



  • Scheduling / Booking


After selecting the doctor, the in-app video call service will be prompted to communicate with each other.



  • Payment


After availing of the medical service, users should pay for it using any of the secured payment gateways available in the app.



  • Ratings & Reviews


Patients/Users can rate the service and share their genuine feedback in the app helping fellow users know the doctors' performance.


How does developing a doctor appointment app like Practo benefits patients/app users and doctors?

Benefits for the patients

  • Minimal time-consuming
  • All medical specializations in a single platform
  • Budget-friendly consultations
  • Easy scheduling - Lab tests
  • Medicine delivery


Benefits for Doctors

  • Self-marketing
  • Round the clock medical support
  • Work flexibility
  • Increased online presence
  • Consistent income generation


Why should you choose to implement your ideas with our Practo clone app?

We have developed and designed our doctor appointment booking app with the following functionalities.



  • Fully customizable


Our on-demand doctor scheduling app can be personalized according to the business needs.



  • White-labeled solution


We developed a complete white-labeled Practo app solution facilitating your business to specify a brand name and logo in the app.



  • Build your server


The Practo clone app can be deployed on your server effectively. If needed, it can also be deployed on our server.



  • Readily launchable 


We developed an app focusing on saving your time. To justify this point, our Practo clone script is pre-built. All it takes is to implement your requirements, and it is ready to go live in the shortest time possible.



  • Multi-payment integration


Our team of skilled professionals integrated secure payment gateways into the Practo clone helping your users perform a secure and swift transaction.



  • Post-launch support


We provide you technical guidance even after launching the app in the stores.

Pre-packed features of our robust Practo app script

  • Easy login
  • User profile
  • Uploading medical records
  • Browsing doctors
  • Scheduling consultation
  • Secure payments
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app alerts
  • Instant chat
  • Feedback column
  • Booking history


Get to know the latest updates instantly using the following medium.

Our Practo clone helps your users avail all medical services in a single platform at any time they want.



  • Social media integration


When registering with the app, users or doctors can integrate their social networking sites into the app. This enables them to share information/details with their well-being efficiently.



  • Contact detail


User information such as mail id, a phone number can be saved to the app. All the latest updates will be sent to the users instantly.



  • Offers & Discounts


Referral rewards, promo codes, and discounts will reach the registered users via email, text message, push-notification.


How does our Practo Healthcare platform make money? 

Our Practo clone script encompasses effective revenue models helping businesses generate consistent revenue. Following are to name a few.


  • Prime subscriptions


This model operates on a basic pay-per-use. Although it is free for users, it charges technology fees from medical institutions.



  • Consultation fee


Customers need to pay their respective doctors a consultation fee. The same is deducted from a doctor for availing the services of their platform.



  • For supplying medicines


Practo has approved and involved partners who distribute medications and perform diagnostic tests for the users. Income is generated by sharing these medications and tests with them and contributing to their sales.


Wrapping Up

Embark on your success journey in the healthcare industry by developing a doctor booking app using our robust Practo clone app, helping your business serve global users effectively and thereby assist your business turn huge returns in no time due to the easy accessibility of all medical services in a single app.


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