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It is an undeniable fact that almost all people spend most of their time on mobile apps. Even now, we firmly believe that you wouldn't have started your day without using at least one mobile app.

Who knows,Guest Posting even while reading this blog, you might be using any other mobile apps. Yes! It has created a huge impact on people because the use of the internet and technology has imbibed in every individual's lives. Mobile apps made this immense impact because it makes people's lives much more comfortable by providing their services/needs swiftly thereby saving their time. Another crucial reason is that things are getting done on time, which they highly prefer in this fast-paced, digitally driven world.


The key role of any business is to bridge the gap in the market by providing effective solutions by developing an app for it. Start your multi-service business by developing your Gojek app with our fully reliable Gojek clone script. 


Here in this blog, we will explain how businesses are benefited using a Gojek clone app and what our multi-service app like Gojek has in store. Without further delay, let's dive deep into the actual essence of this blog.


Gojek app

It is a startup from Indonesia and has started its operations as a bike ride service app in the initial years. Now, Gojek offers a total package of on-demand services.


Now, you may wonder if there exists an app for each service like for movers, plumbers, beauty, courier, etc. Then why is it necessary for businesses to develop a Gojek app using the clone script? What is special about Gojek? Well, the unique part about the Gojek app is it encompasses all the services in a single app. 


Gojek clone app

It is a replica of the original app, Gojek. For your understanding, it is a multi-service app solution that functions and has all the features and services exactly like the app, Gojek.


It is highly recommendable for businesses to build a robust and highly-demanded app like Gojek by implementing their creative and long-desired ideas using the Gojek clone that helps your app reach massive users and help you sustain in the market for the long run.


Now that you want to develop a multi-service app like Gojek. Let's see, by doing so, how your users are benefited?


Benefits of Gojek app for users

  • It saves their time and can avail of all the services in a single app.
  • The work is done instantly for users by the respective service providers.
  • Hiring and finding the best professionals for each service have become easier by using this app.
  • The app makes the payment hassle-free with its multiple payment gateways integrated into the app.
  • Users can check and compare professional's individual ratings and reviews, enabling them to find the best one out of it.


Reasons for its huge popularity

Following are some of the reasons why the Gojek app has gained this immense response from global users.



  • Multiple services in a single app


Generally, users don't want to clog their phones with having apps for individual services. So, they found Gokek a cure-all app offering multiple services while not consuming too much memory space on their mobile devices.



  • Affordable cost


This app helped users to avail themselves of all services at a budget-friendly cost; thereby, it led to the rise of its popularity and gained a massive customer base.



  • Wide usage


Just like how end-users found it really compatible with maintaining one app rather than having loads of apps for each service, the same way, even service professionals found it easy to provide multiple services via a single mobile app. This remarkable operation soared the demand for the Gojek app.



  • Easy navigation


Users found it fascinating to have real-time navigation within the app. Meaning they can easily navigate through the app.



  • Multiple payment options


As this multi-service app had to cater to users availing of many services, it provided payment through varieties of ways.


Now that you have a clear idea of what the Gojek app is all about, let's discuss the main point. How to develop an app like Gojek or maybe an app similar to Gojek for your business?


You don't have to hunt and spend your hard-earned savings by building your Gojek app from scratch. Developing your app with this method is pretty expensive as you will have to hire and charge every professional. Hence, get your business started with the right choice by partnering with the leading and renowned clone app development company, Inoru, providing a customizable, reliable, top-notch Gojek clone app that helps your business serve global users swiftly and effectively, thereby helping your business reap high returns in the shortest time possible.


The streamlined workflow of our Gojek clone app


  • Easy login 


Users can sign -up for the app by registering credentials or using their active social media accounts.



  • Browsing


Next, the users can search and view the varieties of services and their details like their name, service experience, cost, etc.



  • Scheduling/Booking


After viewing and going through the details, users can book or schedule the service by mentioning a specific time and date or requesting it right away as per their convenience.



  • Real-time tracking


Our Gojek clone app allows users to track the requested service professional's location promptly. This in-built feature also permits users to guide the service providers to their location if required.



  • In-app payments


After availing of the service, users can process the payment via the payment gateways like debit/credit cards, net-banking, digital wallets, etc., integrated into the app.


  • Ratings & Reviews


At last, users can share their feedback about the service. This majorly helps fellow users to know about their work before booking.


Benefits of using our Gojek clone for businesses

Developing your Gojek with our impeccable clone script helps your business in many ways.

  • You can have your own Gojek app using our clone script and turn it into a brand offering on-demand services.
  • By developing your Gojek app with our alluring clone script, maintain and boost user loyalty with feedback, ratings, and reviews provided by them.
  • We help you update the app even after the product is launched.
  • With our effective revenue-generating models, your businesses can earn huge profits seamlessly and earn commissions on every service offered via your app.
  • It helps you reach and serve massive users effectively.
  • Our Gojek clone comprises all the on-demand services that are neatly organized under a roof.
  • Your business can reap huge benefits/profits in no time due to the quality of service offered and an intuitive user interface.
  • It keeps your business stay ahead in the market as our clone app is updated based on the current market trends.


Bottom line

To know more about what our Gojek clone is pre-packed with, get connected with us and create a benchmark in the market by launching your Gojek app with our clone script. 

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