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Livestock is the biggest farming industry in South Africa, with a population of some 13.8-million livestocks and 28.8-million sheep. Stock breeders concentrate on the advancement of types that are well adapted to unique weather and also environmental problems.

Dairy farming:

Dairy is generated throughout South Africa,Guest Posting with a lot of ranches in the eastern as well as north Free State, North West, the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, the Eastern as well as Western Cape, Gauteng as well as the southern parts of Mpumalanga. The four major milk types in South Africa are the Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey and Ayrshire.

The milk sector is essential to South Africa's job market, with some 4 300 milk producers utilizing concerning 60 000 farmworkers and also indirectly supplying tasks to 40 000 people. Milk manufacturing for 2003/04 was approximated at 2-billion litres.

Beef farming:

South Africa creates 85 % of its meat needs, with 15 % is imported from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Australia, New Zealand and also the EU. Local demand typically overtakes production, despite the fact that there are untapped reserves in the communal farming locations.

Cattle ranches are found mainly in the Eastern Cape, parts of the Free State and also KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo as well as the Northern Cape. Popular beef types include the aboriginal Afrikaner and also Nguni as well as locally created Bonsmara and Drakensberger. European and American breeds such as Charolais, Hereford, Angus, Simmentaler, Sussex, Brahman as well as Santa Gertrudis are sustained as pure types or made use of in cross-breeding.

Lamb and also goat farming:

South African sheep farming is concentrated in the Northern and Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Free State and also Mpumalanga, with Ermelo in Mpumalanga being among the largest wool-producing areas. Fifty percent of sheep are fine-woolled Merinos. Other types consist of the locally developed Afrino, a woolled mutton breed adjusted to arid problems, the South African Mutton Merino, the Dohne and also the Merino Landrace. South Africa's mutton is generated from the Dorper - an extremely efficient and also in your area created mutton breed for deserts - and also the woolled Merino.

Karakul sheep are farmed in the more dry areas, with some 20 173 pelts with a gross value of R3-million made in 2002/03. The indigenous meat-producing Boer goat make up concerning 30 % of all office goats. The Angora goat is utilized for mohair production.

Poultry and porker farming:

South Africa's chicken and pig farms are more intensive than the considerable lamb and also livestocks production, and also are located near the cities of Gauteng, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The primary porker breeds are the South African Landrace, the Large White, the Duroc and also the Pietrain.

South Africa's annual poultry meat manufacturing is 960 000 lots. Griddle manufacturing adds concerning 82 % to complete poultry meat manufacturing, with the remainder comprised of mature chicken massacre (culls), small as well as backyard chicken manufacturing, ducks, geese, turkeys and other specialist breast meat items. Earnings from chicken and egg manufacturing amounted to R11.3-billion in 2002/03.

South Africa represents 67 % of world sales of ostrich items - leather, meat and also plumes. The gross worth for ostrich feathers and also items during 2002/03 was R276.5-million.

Online game farming:

South Africa has more game and also a bigger variety of video game types compared to most nations. Game farming has actually grown throughout the years, and also today is a feasible sector with excellent financial capacity. The nation's major video game areas remain in Limpopo province, North West, Mpumalanga, the Free State, the Eastern Cape, the Karoo, the Kalahari in the North Cape as well as the thorn scrub of KwaZulu-Natal.

A detailed game-production version has been developed for optimising intensive animal production on video game ranches, with the possible to boost the global produce of the game market by in between 8 % and 15 %.


The tank farming sector in South Africa continues to make purposeful development in cultivation technology, advertising and marketing approach, advertising method as well as scientific development. Mussels, trout, tilapia, catfish, oysters and also waterblommetjies (Cape pondweed) are the significant aquaculture species.

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