Air Conditioner Units Types and Advantages

Mar 7


Anamika Swami

Anamika Swami

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Most of the AC units which are being manufactured lately have dual functions which include both heating and cooling systems. Apart from the types of AC units mentioned above, there are many new units which are in-built with additional features and can be bought online at desirable price rates.

Air conditioner units are among the most essential electronic appliances used in homes and offices. These units control the temperature effectively to a comfortable level and are used in most of the countries. These conditioning units are considered essential in countries with hotter climates and are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. There are different types of air conditioner units. Though all of these serve the same purpose of cooling the atmosphere,Air Conditioner Units Types and Advantages Articles some of the units are more efficient and useful compared to the other units. The use of these conditioning units is known to accelerate the amount of electrical units consumed but nevertheless, it is widely used by majority of the people. In fact survival is difficult in countries with hotter climates without the use of these cooling units. Knowing the Various Types of Air Conditioner UnitsAir conditioner units are known by different names according to its specific features. Some of the units have two parts or components which can be placed indoors and outdoors. In the early days, the conditioner units were considered as a luxury but with the rise in temperature, it has become an essential item. Some of the different types of conditioner units include the Split AC, Window AC, Portable AC, Ductless AC and so forth. The following section elaborates the specific details of these air conditioner units. Split AC: Most of the commercial buildings and huge mansions have split AC units installed as it proves to be quite efficient in cooling large areas. Also known as Ducted AC units, these conditioner units have two parts- one of which is placed inside the room and the other unit outside. Split AC units produce less or no noise compared to the Window AC units. Window AC: One of the most widely and commonly used air conditioner units includes the Window AC. These units are usually used for cooling small rooms and are used mainly for domestic purposes. The Window AC units are mounted on windows and walls of rooms.  Central AC: The centralised air conditioner units are mainly used for cooling large areas such as theatres and shopping malls. Ductless AC: Similar to the split AC units, the Ductless AC units have two components. But unlike the split AC units, these conditioning units cannot be used for cooling large areas. Other types of air conditioner units include the Portable AC units which can be carried along while travelling. These compact conditioning units are specifically designed to cool small areas. These units need not be mounted on walls. Though it is not as efficient as the Window AC units, it can be used as an alternative cooling unit. Using AC units have a number of advantages. In addition to controlling the temperature to a comfortable level, it helps to purify the air and makes it free from dust mites and odours.