Buying an Air Conditioner in India: 10 Smart Strategies

Apr 1


Apoorva Singh

Apoorva Singh

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In India there are many issues when a buyer goes to buy air conditioners as there are problems with the size of the room, Buying an Air Conditioner in India: 10 Smart Strategies Articles tonnage, brand, type of air conditioner and much more. So for all these problems comes few strategies which are supposed to be kept in mind while buying an air conditioner.

  • size of the home or room: when you go and buy an air conditioner, you should see the size of the place it is to be installed the indoor and outdoor unit installation places and most importantly how much easy it is to install or reinstall the AC from that place.This strategy helps in getting the right air conditioner for the place with right size and type.
  • take advice from others: before buying an air conditioner one must discuss or take reviews from others this helps in buying the best for you. One can even take advice from contractors as they help in suggesting the best and can let you know the best comparisons between the brands. But one should be cautious enough as any one can manipulate so a good research or advice is must before buying an air conditioner.
  • importance of SEER rating: energy star label are very important when a buyer goes to buy an air conditioner. While buying a new AC  one should always go for energy star products which are certified by environment protection agency as they are 20% more efficient than air conditioners that meets minimum federal standards. The higher the SEER, the AC’s are more efficient and are less costly the unit will be operate. This strategy helps in finding the middle rated AC which works best and comes in the best ranges.
  • know the outer atmosphere: while buying an air conditioner buyers must see the outer atmosphere the room or the house has, this helps in finding the correct air conditioner with accordance to the tonnage, type, brand. As outer atmosphere plays the major role, coz if its direct sunlight the compressor won’t work properly so for that a split air conditioner will work, and if the terrace is prone to heat then a windows AC.
  • improving the duct work: one must not just rely on a good brand or a very good AC, cooling of the AC may loosen up due to leakage in air ducts, one must always strategize in a way that there is less or no leakage after installing a new air conditioner.
  • price never be the priority: when we go to buy an air conditioner we keep the price in our minds and by this te may at times bring the wrong air conditioners to our homes or offices. We must strategize in a manner that when we go apart from the price we must see the warranty, the parts it will provide afterwards, the renewal of the warranty and integrity of the duct work.
  • changing entire unit: Once you plan to buy an air conditioner you must keep in mind the parts it will provide afterwards, this is something very important in India. As in india due to fluctuation in the climates the units tend to tends to breakdown and for that a replacement is required so for that one must see whether or not the company provides with the same unit or a different one, because only the same unit will help in stabilizing the bill as they are made in accordance to the SEER ratings.
  • pick the right contractor:  one is not able to completely understand all the details in air-conditioning;no homeowner can. So we should be careful and always know the HVAC field as this helps in choosing the right daikin air conditioner for office or for homes.
  • choose the right size: at times consumers buy an extra large air conditioner for a small room, and this increases the electricity bill. So one must always strategize and go for the right size which will help in cooling the room faster and will be energy efficient.
  • house type:  to buy an air conditioner one must see the house type whether its rental or own,  as for rented homes one must go for windows AC type as its easy to carry and have less installation charges and on the other hand for a personal home it depends on the room size and outer area to decide.