Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mold

Feb 12


Sandeep Sandhu

Sandeep Sandhu

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Mold is one of the most common problems in the residential and commercial properties. While many of us have experienced the mold once in a lifetime, it’s not mandatory that you know everything about this. So, we bring to you some of the unknown facts that will surprise you for sure.


Be it your home or workplace,Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Mold Articles mold is likely to be everywhere and most of us would be familiar with the mold and the negative impact it can have on their health. You can be exposed to the side effects of mold even in the places you have ever imagined. Although it’s quite a common thing these days, but still there are many facts that you may be unaware about. So, we bring to you the top surprising facts about mold you may not know, but you should!

Mold Has Different Types

Do you see mold around the windows, attic roof, etc. and believe they’re all the same? Well, I do not agree with this… There are nearly 1000s of different types of mold available out there. You would need someone expert to know about the exact type of the mold that is present at your place. As we cannot describe all of these types, let’s have a glance at the two most common among them::

  • Viable mold – This is the most active and growing mold around the world. it is alive and needs enough food to thrive and spread.
  • Nonviable mold – On the other hands, nonviable mold is no longer actively growing. We can say that this is the type of mold that has either lost its food source, or the moisture has dried up.

Mold Can Be Deadly

Many people would not take mold as a serious problem. For them, it can be just the algae or fungus that has grown due to improper ventilation. However, the fact is that mold can be very harmful for people, especially the ones who are dealing with health issue and it can cause a range of health issues including skin rashes, respiratory illnesses, and even worse. On many occasions, experts have found cold and flu-like symptoms to be linked to mold exposure. If you have anyone living in home with breathing issues, then avoiding mold isn’t a smart idea.

Mold Can Be There on Your Christmas Tree

Did you just start to experience increase in your breathing problem during the Christmas time? well, it may be due to the presence of mold on your Christmas tree and since it is there inside your home, the condition can get even worse. In case there is a certain temperature outside and you bring the tree inside your home, there are chances that the mold can grow even more quickly. To go safe, it is always suggested to buy an artificial tree for Christmas celebrations.

Painting Over Mold Does Not Remove It

Many often, people when see mold on their house walls during painting, they would just repaint the surface with a belief that the mold will go away after the painting job. Well, this can be a misconception as mold goes a lot deeper than the surface and even and you can’t even see it anymore it is there. In case you just avoid the mold during the paint, it will surely come back through the paint in a few weeks.

Humidity Leads to Mold

In case you have a leak in your home, there are more chances that the mold will take place at these areas. The reason here is that the mold grows faster and better in the areas that are moist. This is the reason that you see more mold around the windows, bathroom, kitchen, etc. While things can be managed by drying up the place, but what if you are living in a humid location? Well, you must call a professional for mold removal services as this is the only way to deal with the situation from its roots.

Cleaning Isn’t Good Enough

Unfortunately, mold removal is not quite the DIY process that you might have hoped. Sure, you can clean mold away from walls and underneath sinks, but merely removing it from the surface doesn’t get rid of the root problem. Due to the way the organism grows, most of the mold body will be inside crevices, cracks, and walls. Cleaning surface mode that you can see is like pruning the hedges; getting rid of some of the branches doesn’t kill the whole plant.

It Doesn’t Smell

Since the mold grows mostly at the moist areas of buildings, it is a common misconception that it is the mold that creates a foul smell. However, the fact is that mold itself doesn’t actually have an odor of its own. According to the experts, the odor created from the mold is but the byproducts created by the mold. The smell can be of different types, ranging from the typical musty smell we associate with mold to odors of meat, rotten wood, or wet socks.

Final words

In case you have ever witnessed mold at your home and would like to get rid of it, the above-mentioned information can be of great support. A professional mold removal services experts don’t just diagnose the mold, but they know the best ways to remove mold from its roots to avoid any kind of future infestation.

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