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Australia is one of the best countries to live in. It has designed various occupation demand Categories under which it offers permanent resident visa to selected applications. The candidate who applied for PR visa can change the status to a citizen after three years of formal work.

Australia is one of the best countries to live in. It has designed various occupation demand Categories under which it offers permanent resident visa to selected applications. You can become a permanent resident of Australia by applying for and being granted a permanent visa that allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely.

Australia's Migration Program has always focused on attracting skilled migrants and business investments in the country. 

The release of the 2020/2021 Federal Budget has confirmed Australia's objectives to prioritize the attraction of the "best and brightest migrants from around the world" through the Global Talent Independent program. It also aims to increase business investments through the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP).

STEP 1 : Find the right visa for you

There are more than 40 Australian Migrant visas which allow you to work and live in Australia permanently. Here’s a quick look at some popular migrant visa categories:

Family-Based Permanent Residency

If you have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident family member,Guest Posting you may be eligible to immigrate to Australia. Migrant visas are available for:

  • Partners
  • Fiancé(e)s
  • Children
  • Dependent relatives
  Work-Based Permanent Residency

There are numerous paths to Australian permanent residency through the worker category. The migrant worker categories are:

  • Employer Sponsored Workers. When an Australian employer sponsors a foreign national work in Australia.
  • General Skilled Migration. For people that are not sponsored by Australian employers but possess a skill valued in Australia.
  • Skill Select. For workers possessing certain skills that Australia is in need of.
  • Doctors and Nurses. Permanent residency is available to doctors and nurses on a need-only basis.


STEP 2 : Eligibility criteria for Australia PR visa


Points Requirement: All candidates have to score minimum 65 points in the Point Grid.

  • Age limit of aCandidate has to be lower than 45 years
  • Language proficiencyrequires proving competent level of proficiency in English.
  • The candidate must also have a goodHealth and character.
  • Skills: Designated authorities in Australia assess the skills and occupations of the candidates
  • Occupation: The candidate should be in a nominated occupation figuring in Australia's Skilled List.


 STEP 3 :  Applying for Australia PR in from India


 Step 1: Selecting your job from the Skilled Occupation List which is as follows:


  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List
  • Medium and long term Strategic Skills List
  • Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List


Step 2: Applying and qualifying for the Points Calculator. Candidates must also score 65 points in the point calculator based on various factors like the age, skilled occupation, education, and finally the language proficiency.


Step 3: Visiting the official Skill select website and filing of Expression of Interest in the skill select. Submission of the application by listing the required information


Step 4: In case the application meets all the needs successfully, then Candidates get the invitation to apply and also seek the Australia PR.


Step 5: For Submission of the PR application the candidate gets 60 days. He/she has to submit all valid documents supporting the PR process.

Step 6: Submission of police and medical clearance certificates


Step 7: Getting the Visa


 STEP4: Wait for a decision

Depending on the visa you apply for and how backed up DHA is in processing applications, you may have to wait several weeks or several months for a decision to be made on your application.


STEP 5: Get your visa!

Once your application is approved, you will receive your migrant visa and can live and work permanently in Australia. In some cases, you may soon be eligible for citizenship.

Australian migrant visas are issued in increments of five years, subject to renewal. As long as your visa is valid, you may enter and leave Australia freely. Other benefits of permanent residency include:

  • Right to work
  • Right to apply for citizenship
  • Right to public education
  • Right to sponsor relatives to immigrate to Australia
  • Right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without a visa

If you would like us to check your eligibility for skilled migration or if you would like us to assist you with your application, you can book a consultation through our website. We will provide you with a comprehensive preliminary assessment of your likely eligibility for skilled migration, and can discuss with you the best way to proceed with your application. To confirm your eligibility for an Australia PR Visa Visit the best Australia Immigration Consultant today.

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