Are You at Risk of Missing a Networking Opportunity?

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Do you ever miss an opportunity to make a new contact? This article reminds you never to leave home without a business card.

I have a confession to make. The other day I was stocking upon necessities at my local supermarket when I came face toface with Duggie,Guest Posting who I haven't seen for years. We wentthrough all the - "How are you, what have you been up to,what're you doing now" kind of stuff.

Duggie then says - "Alan, can I have one or two of yourbusiness cards in case I need to get in touch and to pass toother people."

Now, I'm always nagging other people about never leavinghome without business cards. Don't even take out the garbagewithout a business card in your pocket. And guess what - Ihad no business cards to give to Duggie.

He then tells me that he was at a Dinner the previousevening and he met several new contacts - however, he'd alsoforgotten his business cards. Duggie has his own businessand he's always looking for new clients.

So let me say it again (and I'm also talking to myself) -never, never, never leave home without business cards. Don'teven dig the garden, wash the car or visit the supermarketwithout business cards.

There's always a chance that you'll meet someone who says - "And what do you do?" or "It's ages since I've seen you, what sort of business are you in now?"

Be aware - new customers and clients are the lifeblood ofany business so make sure you never miss an opportunity tomake a new contact.

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