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Within industrial applications, different equipment, controls and switch's are required for safe and efficient day to day operation. This article describes a few different types of controls and their applications, as well as where you can purchase them.

Within industrial infrastructures,Guest Posting these are some of the features of industrial controls:

Go switch's are a popular product for this company. Go Switch Series 70 feature the smallest diameters of any round limit switch and are used extensively in factory automatic applications. Global approvals. Contacts are rated for 4 Amps. Stainless Steel Enclosures are Standard. Go Switch Series 10 feature rugged enclosures, global approvals. Contacts are rated for 10 Amps. Stainless Steel Enclosures are recommended for wet or harsh environments. All Switches include 10-24 X2" Round Head Mounting Screws with lock washer and nut. Go Switch Series 20 feature rugged enclosures,Standard 3/8" sensing ranges, global approvals. Contacts are rated for 10 Amps. Stainless Steel Enclosures are recommended for wet or harsh environments. All Series 20 Switches include 10-24X2" Round Head Mounting Screws with lock washer and nut. The GO Switch Model 81 offers end sensing and an optional Double Pole Double Throw contact arrangement. With its brass or stainless steel housings and global certifications, it is a popular choice around the world.

Sierra Instruments' Innova-Mass vortex meter provides a direct reading of mass flow rate from a single entry point in the process line, and provides analog and digital outputs of five process variables - mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, and fluid density. Sierra Instruments offers a wide range of thermal mass flow meters for the most demanding applications. Check out the new Sierra M100 and C100 Mutli Gas Mass Flow Meter and Controllers. Automatic Controls Co is your source for high accuracy and reliable Liquid and Gas Turbine Meters manufactured by Invalco and NuFlo. We have the meter for your applicaton. Turbine Meters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid or gas line.

Optical Speed Sensors by Monarch are more versatile and application friendly than most speed sensors on the market. These optical sensors are manufactured from threaded stainless steel and feature a visible red LED light source and an "on-target" green LED indicator. Passive Magnetic Speed Sensors rely on variable reluctance technology (VR) and are readily available from Automatic Controls Inc, on line catalog.

Linc Level Switches are available from Automatic Controls Co and can be ordered using our on line catalog. OEM and Resale discounts are available. Please call our toll free number for pricing and delivery. UWT Solids Level Switches are represented by Automatic Controls Co in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Suitable for most bulk goods the UWT Level Switches provide a simple and reliable measurement in hazardous locations (dust explosion). ProMag Magnetic Liquid Level gauges are available from Automatic Controls Co and are a Direct Replacement for Less Reliable Devices and provide a Lifetime of Safe Liquid Level Indication.

ROTRONIC offers a comprehensive line of humidity instruments, probes and sensors for the measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters. Automatic Controls, Inc is your source for OEM, System Integrator and Resale Discounts. Neutronics Process Oxygen Analyzers are represented by Automatic Controls Co. Neutronic analyzers are available in both fixed and portable units. NuFlo Watercut Monitor (Oil in Water monitor) is a solid state electronic instrument that determines the percent watercut in an oil emulsion may be purchased on line from Automatic Controls, Inc on line catalog. These meters continuously monitor the percent water in oil.

Automatic Controls co. offers a wide selection of commonly used industrial instruments and process equipment. Located in Wixom, Michigan - Automatic Controls co. distributes products globally to customers via our online catalog at

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