B2Bs Churn Out Big Money

Feb 22


Salil Pillai

Salil Pillai

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How B2Bs churn out big money for businesses


Nowadays one tends to hear a lot of news related to Business to Business (B2B) portals. Yet many traders are totally clueless about the features and advantages of these portals. B2Bs are termed as international trading tools with a database of international traders and international service providers in varied sectors. Leading portals have segregated each department by status,B2Bs Churn Out Big Money Articles sector and sub-sector to enable the user to fulfill the respective need with no delay.


Some portals even provide information about trade shows happening around the globe with a region-wise search. At a glance, B2Bs seem to be just a directory where one can search for traders with related products and/or services. But these portals are much more than that because they allow a trader to interact with traders and experts with the available tools.


Leaders in this field have evolved to an extent that they even provide the user to get updated with the breaking news from the business world. Some of these news and analysis enable the trader about the recent developments in one's trading region. Besides, the leading portals have a platform to exchange one's experience and concerns in the section called the Forum. A beginner to a B2B portal is predisposed to search for the products and/or services of one's interest. Surveys clearly show that, apart from interacting for trade; the users often engage in the day to day activities of B2Bs including the Forum and Trade News. Surprisingly, some of their business moves are clearly based on the inputs they have gained through these sessions.


Everyone starts a business with an intention of making money or in other words profit. Interestingly, for a new entrant to business; that is something one gets in the end, if there is any. Keeping those constants intact, one can assume that every user of B2Bs visit these portals with an intention of making money. An Importer utilize B2Bs to get products and/or services which either unique or are in great demand to one's domestic market. Whereas an Exporter showcases one's products and/or services to get higher margins or to expand one's market. Transporters cash in on by providing logistic solution and International Service Providers act as subsidiaries to the intangible needs.


Putting the basic interest of making profit into perspective one can strongly say that today B2Bs have emerged as the fastest and cheapest mode to increase one's business. Even though the concept of B2B was to attract and encourage traders of small and medium size, the opportunities created by these portals have tempted big businesses too to evince interest in these services. The testimonials from the successful members of the leading portals have sparked off mushrooming of several nondescript B2Bs.


Although there is no data to show the amount of business done through B2Bs, the testimonials stand witness to the big buck deals going on through these channels. B2Bs have finally come of age to prove that the future of international trade is going to be in the lap of these portals. With just a decade old history in the e-commerce space, B2Bs can proudly claim that they were able to convert many small businesses into large ones in a short period of time.

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