Boost your restaurant sales with QR Code menu post-COVID

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A major concern for restaurant owners and patrons is the use of physical menus. Paper menus are a hot-bed for viruses that can spread easily by just coming in contact with it. Contactless technology such as QR Codes can be replaced with physical menus to curb the spread of the virus. QR Code menus are easy, safe, and hasslefree. 

With lockdown restrictions being lifted in most countries,Guest Posting restaurants and eateries are slated to open. Consumers and restaurant owners are excited to return, but being safe is still a top priority. Physical paper menus are unsafe and also, they are not cost-effective. 


QR Code menus are a viable option as a replacement for physical menus. Upload a PDF into the QR Code and use it at your restaurants so customers can scan it, order from it, and enjoy the premises without compromising on safety. 


Contactless technologies such as QR Codes are easy to create, use, and deploy. 


How can QR Codes be used at your restaurants?

1. Contactless menus

With disposable physical menus being expensive, and unsafe for the environment, make use of QR Code menus at your restaurants and place them at tables or glass fronts. Encourage customers to scan the QR Code, view the menu, and order from it. 


2. Contactless delivery 

Utilize QR Code menus at your restaurant and enable mobile ordering so customers can scan it to order from their smartphone for takeaways, curbside delivery, and even home delivery. 


3. QR Codes for offers 

Make use of dynamic QR Codes to schedule campaigns and offers that are time-sensitive. When customers scan it, award them with a 10% discount or even a 1+1 to boost sales and customer retainment. 



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