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One type of equipment that has become standard in most businesses and homes is a burglar alarm system. There are many options available in security systems that range from $10 packages that you can buy from a store an install yourself to options for more security and protection...

The time of day most intrusions occur in homes is when homeowners are at work. Many homes or businesses are left vulnerable for up to 15 minutes even when they are broken into because they are left with a broken door or window especially if you are on vacation or you live in an isolated area. It may take police officer up to 5 minute to get to your home or business following a break-in. With a business and home security monitoring from a reputable and reliable alarm company,Guest Posting you can be assured that the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately following the break-in of your home or business, in addition to you, your neighbors and friends on you call list being notified of the incident. All the appropriate people being notified of the break-in incident is a great way to help get your home or business secured much faster.

You can also add devices to your alarm system carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, glass break detectors, motion sensors, wireless Keyfobs, and heat detectors. You may also be entitled to some discounts on your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 % when you get an alarm system. The following are some key elements of devices added to your alarm system

- Glass Break Detectors-There are some that detect the sound of breaking glass. There are even some that can tell what type of glass is broken such as ordinary glass, tampered, or laminate.
- Carbon Monoxide Detectors-Finely tuned to detect carbon monoxide gas, then sounds and alarm to warn you
- Motion Sensors-Checks for intruders within a home or business and can recognize pets for up to 80lbs to reduce false alarms

- Heat Detectors-You can receive protection against a fire by the fireplace or in the kitchen with a heat detector that checks if temperatures reach above 135 degrees Fahrenheit or when temperatures quickly rise 15 degrees per minute
- Smoke Detectors-You can receive 24 hour monitoring seven day a week, even when your alarm system is not armed. Great protections for the home as fires start slowly and can go undetected for long periods of time.
- Wireless Keyfobs-You get remote control of your business and home security system with this device. This is great when for those times when you pull up to your home or business in late hours and can also come with a panic button and smart light switches for added emergency help.

You can receive a security alarm for your commercial or residential properties from a knowledgeable, respected and trusted security company that utilizes state of the art equipment and technology. A local security company can be an essential element to protecting the people you love and your valuable assets. Call today and schedule a consultation with a respected burglar and fire security company where you can receive services such as camera surveillance, surround sound, portable contractor’s, pre-wire services, personal medical alerts and more. Choose an alarm company that works hard to partner with the community by providing constant communication with the community and will also provide you with a price that fits in your budget. Get protected, get a peace of mind, get a reliable business and home security system.

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