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Why are longboard skateboards so much fun? Some say it's the sense of speed you get when you are zooming down a hill. Others say it is simply a relaxing activity, and that there is nothing better than going down to the beach with your friends and using your longboard skateboards to skate the sidewalk and chill.

The thing is,Guest Posting there are actually different types of longboard skateboards - the reasons that people love them so much differ because the boards offer different experiences. There are longboard skateboards built for skating downhill at top speed, there are cruiser decks made for going for a relaxing, fun ride, and there are carving boards made for people who like to carve the hills instead of bomb them.

If you enjoy riding the hills in your neighborhood, you will probably search for longboard skateboards with a wider deck and also a wider set of trucks. You will want a longboard with these characteristics because they are what will help you maintain control over the board when you start to pick up some real speed and momentum. If you were to try and ride a hill with a longboard that was made for cruising, you might end up falling off and getting hurt.

Another board people ride is the cruiser board. These longboard skateboards are much different from the other ones. First, they're shorter than a downhill board, but usually not as short as the carving board. The cruiser can look like your typical longboard deck, or can be shorter - that kind of cruiser is best for transportation. A lot of skaters will take a portable cruiser with them when they go to college because it makes a great deck for getting from class to class.

The carver longboard is the other type of longboard that is fairly well known. You know longboard skateboards like the carver because of their distinct front truck. It's a specially manufactured piece of metal from the carver factory that allows the rider to push the nose of the deck left and right as if they were riding a wave. Any board can be transformed into a carver deck just by adding that special front truck. The typical carving skateboard is short and thick - this makes it both portable and easy to control. This type of deck works well on both hills and flatland.

You can now safely head to your local longboard shop in search of longboard skateboards. You know pretty much everything that you need to know to get started in this fun sport. Don't forget your safety equipment on your first ride!

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