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The Bodrum Peninsula is a highly popular area of the Turkish Riviera with an amazing offering of properties for sale, large and small. As resort along the peninsula, there are numerous areas including Göltürkbükü, Gümü_lük, Yal1kavak and Bitez all of which offer some amazing properties in stunning settings complete with sea views.

The Bodrum Peninsula on the Turkish Riviera has an excellent offering of property for sale,Guest Posting from small one bedroom apartments to large palatial luxury sea view villas. Buying a property here really does offer the buyer a wide range of choice and this is also an area with plenty to see and do. The property market here is stable and in recent years this has been a safe place to also invest in property as well as move to relocate. 

When it comes to buying a property in Bodrum, property can be found in several areas as there are several resorts in the shores of the peninsula. Each resort is famed for its crystal clear turquoise waters and welcoming sandy beaches. Overall, from resort to resort in the peninsula, the Bodrum Peninsula caters for every taste and budget. From the upmarket resorts to its relaxed coastal villages, tourism and tradition work side by side. This is what has made this a safe and excellent area for Expats to buy property here. 

Within the peninsula, Göltürkbükü, Gümü_lük, Yal1kavak and Bitez are among the main areas currently where people are buying property. Each area has its own unique offering and caters for all levels of budgets.

The Yal1kavak area

If you are searching for property for sale in Bodrum, the area you choose will affect your budget and dictate the price. Yalikavak is seen as the best area to invest and offers unrivalled value for money. It’s seen a great deal of investment in recent years, boasts an excellent shopping, numerous boutiques and some excellent dining hotspots. It’s marina area has also seen Yalikavak change from simply being a holiday destination to an investment property hotspot. The great thing here too is you can buy a two-bed villa here complete with a swimming pool from just £240,000.

As an area to buy property, Bodrum has seen a decent level of investment in its infrastructure in recent years too. The construction of a new international terminal at the airport in 2012 has had a positive impact in making this region more attractive to buyer from other regions of Europe also.

Overall, Bodrum has so much to offer for anyone looking to buy a property here. From its breathtaking scenery, fabulous beaches, warm waters, archaeological treasures, great restaurants and a colourful nightlife, you can have it all and yet also have a great range of choice when it comes to choosing what kind of property you wish to buy. Like with any property purchase, simply make sure you do your due diligence and choose the ideal property and also make sure you are covered as best as possible from a legal standpoint also.

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