Cameron Nut Shell Filters

Jul 20


Nikolai Paloni

Nikolai Paloni

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High throughput nut shell filters for purification of oily process water and industrial wastewater.


Operating Principle

In oil fields,Cameron Nut Shell Filters Articles Petreco Hydromation Nut Shell Filters are used to removed suspended solids and insoluble hydrocarbons from produced water, surface water, sea water, river, lake, and well water. In metalworking, power generation, municipal, chemical, and petrochemical applications they treat and remove suspended solids, oilu residues, ash, and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids.

Hydromation nut shell filtration systems five you double the throughput efficiency of conventional deep bed sand or graded mixed-media filters to filter our suspended solids and hydrocarbons. Under normal operating conditions, they remove 95-99% of suspended solids, and 90-99% of insoluble hydrocarbons, without use of chemicals.

The media scrubbing cycle prevents filter bed fouling. Unique Hydromation nut shell filters is a patented media scrubbing cycle that fully reconditions the filter media during each backwash cycle. This scrubbing cycle is initiated automatically, whenever the filter bed becomes dirt-laden. A change in pressure differential across the filter bed, or an automatic preset time signal, activates backwashing.

The current design incorporates the high intensity of a mixer to vigorously agitate the media bed during the scrubbing cycle. The mixer is combined with the separating efficiency of a rotating backwash scrubber screen to produce the optimum separation of the scrubbed media from the concentrated backwash fluids.

Key Features

  • Removes 95-98% solids greater than 2 microns
  • Removes 90-95%+ oils (insoluble hydrocarbons)
  • Permanent walnut shell media design deduces operating costs
  • Higher flux rates - double sand or mixed media filters, minimizes filter area required
  • Improved backwash design utilizing mixing minimizes backwash water volumes
  • No chemicals or air scouring required

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