Clipping Path in Photoshop: How To Use It To Expand Online

Jan 4


priyali sharma

priyali sharma

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know about how to do clipping path in photoshop and how to use to grow your eCommerce Business


Clipping path service is a highly in-demand service in the exploding market of eCommerce. And the reason for it is fairly simple. Customer satisfaction.

In this Ultimate guide of Clipping Path in Photoshop, Clipping Path in Photoshop: How To Use It To Expand Online Articles you’ll learn everything about the Clipping path and How you can use the Clipping path service to grow your business online. Moreover, we will be discussing -


  • What does the Clipping path in photoshop or deep etching means?
  • When is the Clipping path service used?
  • What are the benefits of using the Clipping path?
  • How can you use the clipping path in service to grow your business?
  • Best clipping path service for you


What does the Clipping path in Photoshop or Deep etching means?

Clipping paths in photoshop and deep etching are the same. They are special tools used to cut out any object and remove the background from it. It is a precise process where the pen tool is to border the object perfectly.

In this process, the cut-out object remains untouched, to paste it on another background. You can further edit this cut-out by refining it using tools such as sharpness, contrast, color correction, etc.

The reason for its popularity is the consistency and precision. You can use clipping path services to grab the attention of your customer and grow your business online.


When is the Clipping path service used?

Most commonly the clipping path service is used to cut-out the product image in eCommerce and other related businesses. As discussed, this helps to bring the attention of your customer to the product itself and removing any distractions from around.


Usually, when eCommerce businesses have products in bulk they outsource them to professional clipping path services such as PixelPhant. It brings continuity and symmetry within the products that a customer wishes to see. This ultimately makes the customer understand your product more efficiently, resulting in conversion and higher sales.


What are the benefits of using the Clipping path?

When you use the clipping path you can easily use a single cut-out image in a variety of variations. You can use it as a thumbnail, in a group, with different backgrounds, in banners, advertising, and even as a logo.


The opportunities to use these vectors are endless. Moreover, you can vary the tone of them by altering the brightness, sharpness, color correction, color replacement, and other edits.

This all is to bring the focus directly to the product and emphasizes just it. This way, when a customer opens your product he or she can directly see the product without being distracted. It increases conversion rates drastically, giving more sales as a result.


The eCommerce business commonly uses them to improve the quality and feel of the stores. Most of them prefer to get a white background for their product to make the site/store look clean. But you can use ask for any kind of background that you wish to have behind your product.


How can you use the clipping path service to grow your business?

Now as you have read what clipping path and what are the benefits of using the clipping path service, its time to understand how you can use it to grow your business online.

Firstly and most commonly, you can use it to enhance the way your online store or website looks like. People like to see a clean and attractive website. Moreover, this is no more a secret to you that, people only buy when they like, not just the product but also the website.


And another way that you can use a clipping path is by making the background of each and every product the same. As an owner of an eCommerce, you might wish to showcase how your product looks great with different backgrounds. It’s a great approach mainly in fashion, portrait, or model photography.

Other than this, your customer would really appreciate a common background in your products. It lets them compare the product more easily, without actually thinking about the background or lighting or any other factor.

This way, they buy from your store rather than bouncing to another.


Best clipping path service for you

If you wish to hire the experts and make sure you get the most perfect clipping path service, PixelPhant is the best clipping path service for you. With over 750k images per/year, it is among the top image editing service providers.

Few worth mentioning benefits that you get when you hire PixelPhant are -

  • They are the expert when it comes to delivering quality no matter what quantity you send in.
  • PixelPhant has maintained a 100% on-time delivery streak (most of the time even before) even if the deadline is close
  • PixelPhant is delivering the best service, at the best price that you can get
  • They make sure to reward you with a discount whenever you give them a longer duration the deadline


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