Importance of Clipping Path in Packshot Photography

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Do you know the importance of the clipping path? What is packshot photography? Its relation to clipping path, and who provides such services. Read all in one.


Today photo editing is an indispensable part of product photography for e-commerce sites. And clipping path is a major part of this editing. So the clipping path has become so important part of product photo editing. 


If you are planning or running a business on e-commerce sites,Guest Posting then you need to make sure that your product photos are ready for e-commerce sites. Because you need to advertise your products and reach those to your customers online. Packshot photography is one of the significant ways to display your products on e-commerce sites. 


As you have no option to display your products physically for the customers through e-commerce sites, get ready yourself to launch some professional packshot photography! And I am telling you for sure that this is the vital step of your whole marketing mechanism which is going to determine your success in the e-commerce based business. 


Now here I am going to focus on the importance of clipping path as well as clipping path service and how you can get this service so easily. 


What is Clipping Path?   

Clipping path is a technique that outlines an object or product by creating a shape around its edges to cut that out and replace it on another background. Clipping path is also well known as deep etch and done by using the Pen Tool at Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator and some other software also have this option of doing Clipping Path. 

Before we discuss further on clipping path and its importance on packshot photography. 

Let’s have a clear and formal definition of it.   


According to Wikipedia, “A clipping path is a closed vector path, or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. Anything inside the path will be included after the clipping path is applied; anything outside the path will be omitted from the output.” 


Typically this tool is applied for 2D images and rarely 3D images too.    

What is the Purpose of Clipping Path?

There are many purposes of doing clipping paths for product photography. A high-quality, clean yet natural-looking image is very necessary to run an ecommerce business. Clipping paths does make these things so easy.  Now we are going to discuss the main three purposes of clipping path:  

  Background removal 

Changing background is one of the major purposes of clipping paths. When you are required to remove the background of any image, change the background color or make an image transparent background, typically clipping path is the method/technique by which you can do all these things easily.   

  Retouching or Color Correction

Retouching or color correction is another significant purpose of the clipping path. The clipping path will let you select a particular area or separate that from the image. And then that particular place of an image can be edited separately.  

  Removing Unwanted Parts

Removing unwanted parts from the image is another important purpose of the clipping path. If you need to remove any unwanted parts from your image, it can be done by creating a path to that unwanted part, and then you can clip that easily.


What is Packshot Photography  

Packshot photography means taking images of products by including the packaging or labeling of the product. It intends to make the product visible and as realistic as possible to the customers. 


A packshot or packaging shot helps to express a brand’s impression that actually helps customers to get a clear idea about the product. Thus it becomes easy for them to make a buying decision. 


As packshot photography is about branding your product, it is somewhat difficult to market products if you do not take proper measures for this. So it is needless to say that packshot photography is a very crucial part of editing for e-commerce business.


Why is the clipping path important in Packshot photography?   

We already mentioned, clipping path is one of the most essential parts of product photo editing for marketing platforms, where sellers are required for marketing their product by showcasing only images of the product.  


So, we need to understand deeply the main factors of the clipping path which has made this editing section highly significant especially when it comes to packshot photography.        


The main three important things about clipping path are shortly described here:


  • Visualize the product  

As customers can not touch or feel any product from online, they only can visualize the product. And their decision comes out of it.! So, sellers have to put the highest effort to visualize their products as much as possible to their customers. 


Without the clipping path in photoshop, you shouldn’t expect to get the perfect image to visualize your product adequately to the customers.       


  • Fulfill commercial site requirement 

Any business having virtual or physical existence wants to reach more clients. So, they rely on product photography. But such photography alone barely can handle the job. That’s where the purpose of packshot photography comes in which describes the identity of a company or brand. Therefore, packshot photography is an achievable way to market your product online in different platforms.  



  • Approaching professionalism 


There is another most important benefit of clipping path service for packshot photography. When packshot images look amazingly and realistically done over professional editing, customers get impressed with the seller/store. With this professional approach, you will be able to build a positive impression on the customer. 


There is a big chance, consciously or unconsciously your customers will love to rely on your store.           

Where to find Clipping Path Service  

As clipping path has become one of the key successes to reach the business goal in e-commerce sites, you must be thinking to go for an extremely professional clipping path service.


Your thinking is appreciable and justified as the e-commerce site business is getting over-competitive. And it is going to be hard day by day. Hence it will be very challenging for you to survive in competition without having a clipping path service for professional packshots of your products.


You’ll be so happy to learn that, clipping path industry is emerging very swiftly around the world, as the clipping path has become one of the essential tools for editing. 


Easily you will find tons of professional outsourcing clipping path service providers just by searching in Google. They have teams of skilled photo editors and they offer attractive prices and will give the guarantee to provide you the professional quality clipping service.


Here we suggest you some of the best clipping path service providers. These are very popular for their professional clipping path service. 





Offshore Clipping Path offers a professional clipping path service. There you will find three category clipping path services, depending on the complexity of editing. You can get the service at an amazingly attractive price. Even you have the chance to get a free trial on each category. 


This would be a very good option for you to experience a professional clipping path service. Offshore Clipping Path will make you sure that all of your packshots are going to glow and seem extremely realistic.




Another professional clipping path service provider is Cobwebs Design. This is one of the most reputed photo retouching service providers in the USA. 


You can take the service from them because they have a big team of skilled photo editors. And Cobweb also offers a free trial of their services. 




Fix the photo provides high-end photo editing services in the clipping path and has been maintaining its reputation for a long time. You can get professional clipping path service out there.



  • Clipping Path Studio


Last but not the list, with fast working speed, affordable price and high-quality edited work, Clipping Path is listed 4th in our chart. You can expect extremely professional clipping path service from them. They also will offer you a free trial opportunity and attractive prices. 


With the aspiration of making you understand we have focused on the importance of clipping path in packshot photography. We know how seriously all the time you have to deal with all the challenges to run a business on different platforms including e-commerce sites. End of the day, you definitely deserve the minimum level of success to reach your business goal.  


So be aware and pay attention to the professional deep etching/clipping path for the packshots you want to display your products for your customer. Hopefully, this will help you to get more orders and achieve goodwill for your store.

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