COVID-19 effects on Business and how VoIP helps to Overcome

Mar 30


Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer

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The disastrous impact of the COVID-19 effects on Business can be seen in global trade, tourism, commerce, and supply chains.


The outbreak on coronavirus ensured that this New Year didn’t get off to the most propitious start to businesses around the globe. The disastrous impact of the COVID-19 can be seen in global trade,COVID-19 effects on Business and how VoIP helps to Overcome Articles tourism, commerce, and supply chains.

As China’s economy is much more deeply intertwined with the world’s economy, the global GDP growth could dip to below two percent before it could be brought back under control by this July.

How should businesses handle the virus outbreak?

Communication is Key

The communication strategy should be multi-pronged and use all channels of communication available. Here is where business VoIP plays a major role as it helps you connect on multiple platforms such as Skype, Slack, WhatsApp and more in an efficient way.

Sick leave – Working from home

You could encounter any of these measures as organizations attempt to keep their workers from being presented to the coronavirus flare-up that wellbeing authorities caution is practically inescapable in the United States.

A few organizations have just played it safe like constraining travel to influenced nations or huge worldwide meetings. Others have requested that workers remain at home since they visited a nation with an increasingly serious outbreak. But don’t worry thinking about how to manage your team from home.

Benefits of VoIP for Managing Your Remote Team

Remote Working Easier and Efficient

Along with this, technology has also made information much more easily accessible and secure through the invention of the cloud and VoIP. At the point when telephone systems are facilitated from the cloud, all representatives need is an Internet association. They would then be able to get to the calls and take their guidance, give refreshes, and pose inquiries similarly just as if they were working in an office.

Work on the Move

VoIP makes it possible to work both from PCs and smartphones, no one has to compromise on their personal lives as they can take up where they left off on their smartphone. This allows employees to catch up on work during their downtime. Hence, the long durations in waiting rooms or standing in line don’t have to be wasted.

Cost Saving

At the point when representatives telecommute, they additionally save money on numerous financial costs. For example, they don't need to go through cash for day by day transport on the tram or the transport. Transport isn't the main cost a business has when they have on-setting laborers. Many businesses have to supply proper office space, pay for the electricity used, and have a well-stocked break room to boot. With VoIP in the blend, associations could spend less lease on office space; possibly manage without everything together! They would likewise clearly save money on equipment costs since remote workers would have their arrangement.


Increased Productivity

A happier workforce is more productive than otherwise. VoIP ensures that employers can effectively convey their instructions to their employees no matter where both parties are located. When employees enjoy the benefits of working from home, they would more likely put in more effort.