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Feb 24


Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer

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Communication System that depends on Voice over Internet Protocol is less expensive and more productive than the conventional phone system


According to the NY Times,Here is How VoIP helps Your Business Communication || InnoList Articles 43% of employed Americans work remotely at least some time. For instance, how they would handle this catch 22 situations! Imagine, if the office phone rings in a blaring sound…and there is no one to attend? Immediately, can the call be routed to your cell phone? If that couldn’t help, can it be diverted to your home phone? If nothing is working, can the caller get sent to voicemail?

Cloud-based VoIP Business Phone help ensure your calls are attended no matter where your employees are working from. VoIP hosting solutions make your Small Business go global beyond benefits like voicemail, toll-free numbers, call forwarding and makes sure that your calls end up into sales conversions….whenever…wherever!

Advantage Small Businesses with C…loud Based VoIP Telephony


Avoids Phone Tags & Increases Efficiency

When a customer and your office executive try to call each other over telephone what happens if neither of them is getting the hold of other? This situation is called ‘Phone-Tag’! This lag leads to increase in irate customers, a decrease in sales, all in all, hinders small businesses potency to grow. With Small Business VoIP Phone Service, phone numbers can be programmed to ring on multiple devices before proceeding to voicemail, mitigating the tag lags to a greater extent.


Voicemail to email Transcription

The Voicemail messages would be transcribed to text and send them to suggested email. Now gone are the days of scribbling names, numbers, and addresses! Heave a sigh of relief and read them in your leisure accordingly. Above all, this allows you to file, organize, delete and search all your voicemails instantly. 



Call Report Analytics for Better Decisions

For any business, irrespective of its volume, to take meaningful decisions, collation and compiling of data is imperative! A managed, hosted VoIP solutions can provide bandwidth utilization information to analyze the data like call history, rate centers, duration, originator, destination, cost etc., and one can create a detailed report out of it.


Can Monitor & Guide Employees While They Are On the Call

Why advise your employees when they are off the line? With VoIP Phone Service, you can advise his/her employees then and there while they are on the call. Barge & Whisper are the two illustrious features which can accomplish the employee monitoring and guidance based on your employee's on-phone performance.

With Barge, one can listen to the conversation between the employee and the client/customer sans interruption. This feature help ensures to keep the track record of the employee. On the other hand, if you want to alert the employees or want to advise them or offer tips, while they are on the call, Whisper feature will come to your rescue. All this coaching can happen while the call is on where the client is absolutely unaware of the things going on.


Electronic Receptionist!

VoIP Business Phone’s out-of-the-box feature is the Auto Attendant! It’s almost like your e-receptionist! Simple FAQs can be programmed and answered by this attendant to beat the after office customer-call blues. Information like opening hours of a working day or a holiday or any other customer announcements can be programmed and provided to customers all day all night! With this feature, the business can become more impressive.