Create Your 21st Century Success Now

Feb 17


Burt Dubin

Burt Dubin

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... who creates personal success in this 21st century is a hero. We battle with dragons. We grapple with demons. With ... and ... ... Ages ago,it was Theseus ... i


Everybody who creates personal success in this 21st century is a hero.

We battle with dragons. We grapple with demons. With emotional and psychological monsters.

Ages ago,it was Theseus embroiled in the maze on the island of Crete,Create Your 21st Century Success Now Articles wrestling with, and slaying the dreaded Minotaur. It was David facing Goliath armed with only a slingshot and 5 smooth stones. And it was Hercules rescuing Theseus and Persephone from Hades.

In the last century, it was Harry Truman, a sure loser according to every poll, bravely facing up to and defeating the powerful Thomas Dewey. It was Mohandas K Gandhi, armed with only a loincloth and a relentless will, freeing the Indian subcontinent from British rule. And let's not forget the gallant Nelson Mandela who, battling from his bleak jail cell ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa, winning emancipation and equality for millions of his native people.

These days, it’s the depravity and moral vacuum in executive offices of corporations and even in the White House. It’s the real threat of terrorist attacks within the United States of America. It’s the economic and emotional uncertainty that enshrouds our life experiences.

What about you? What about your aspirations? Are you one of the struggling ones, aching and yearning, out in the cold, with nose pressed up against the store window, gazing wistfully at glowing success only a heartbeat away; what are your demons? What dragons, what Minotaur, what swamps swarming with alligators, what precipices and crevasses wait to swallow up your hopes and dreams?

What else blocks your illusive path to abundance and success? And, most important of all, how are all these monsters to be put to rest forever by you as you advance from struggle and lack to success and abundance.

I've been there, dead broke, flat on my assets,and those only in my unswerving imagination, sustained only by vision. Perhaps this glimpse of my journey, shared in the present tense, may yield hope:

1. It starts with implacable will, iron determination, bulldog blood, an inner spirit that’s simply not going to surrender to defeat as long as there’s breath in my body.

2. It proceeds with the awakening awareness that all activities have rules of play, rules I have to to discover and master.

3. It continues with relentless research. The fruit of this investigation is, for me, the insight that much of success in any entrepreneurial activity is simply showing up. Beyond showing up, there’s excellence in execution. Then, it’s having a unique position,a burning desire, a mission so powerful that the mission has me. Add alluring promotion, magnetic marketing, a bit of wit and a colossal commitment, so huge that everything is surrendered in the service of the success yearned for.

4. Then, on top of all of that it takes ceaseless work, unending hours engaging personal wisdom, personal intuition, personal initiative and so much more. First to discover how to direct market my services and products, then to master indirect marketing, to experience the indescribable joy of hearing my phone ring. Imagine having decision-makers calling you to ask if you are available to serve them! There's nothing like it.

5. After that, with business flowing in, I have to learn how to deliver much like the fabled Chinese meal: Products and services that leave clients/customers satisfied yet hungry for more, and then more again.

6. Let's not forget marketing graphics, appropriate for the services, products, and fees at the time. These are to be updated and revised often as services and products evolve.

7. Finally,and really first in importance, spirit, love, caring, acceptance of the mantle of success along with accountability for being egoless while savoring this success.

Let‘s now look directly at your 21st century success and its aspects:

When you surrender to your higher purpose, when you give yourself to your intentions, you may just find yourself living in a state of euphoria. You may find inner peace, a sense of rightness about how you are engaging your energies. We may even know you've found what the Buddhists call your right livelihood.

Have you been waiting for the point? Here it is:

You don't have to endure what I endured. You can attain the business success—or the greater business success—that you desire, faster and easier now. You can stand on my shoulders. You can hold your head high. You can know you’ve engaged classic principles to advance to the fulfillment of your aspirations.