Crow, Bird of paradise and corporate employee - What is so common about?

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A comparision of how impressing others help in the survival of employees in corporate while if an animal impress others with its beauty means it will be killed....

Creating a good impression about oneself is one of the biggest business challenges many employees in most corporate engage at.  Whether,Guest Posting they carry same impression about themselves or not, but they have to impress others, only then they can survive in the corporate.

Is there is any parallel to the above is existing in nature.  Do animals busy with impressing others?  Is impressing others must for the very survival of animals also like the employees in most corporate.

In the process of evolution, many animals have evolved with an impressive beauty and versatility. Some animals have evolved with such great impressive beauty.  The fact is that the instinctive survival is very high among non impressive creatures than the impressive animals in nature.

All most all animals that have evolved with an eye catching beauty or majesty have become endangered or by now have become extinct.  The story of many impressive trees is also the same.  Many impressively strong, durable trees with great economic value like sandal or rose wood have fallen prey to man’s greed.   Had they not developed such an impressive beauty or value, would have survived and escaped from man’s greed.

The birds like Himalayan peasant, bird of paradise and mandrill monkey have evolved with celestial beauty.  They really impressed the man and hence become endangered.  Only due to the impressive value of the tusk of an elephant or horn of the rhinoceros, these animals are fighting almost the loosing battle with poachers all over the world. 

Due to the possibility of creating an impression among others as a brave knight or ‘Jim Corbet’ only, many people hunt the impressively majestic tiger or lion in the jungle.  The impressive value of musk made the man to run after musk deer in high altitude mountain.

On the contrary, none of the animals that have developed the impressive beauty or value like a crow or a blue rock pigeon or a myna or rats or mosquitoes or fleas could live abundantly in human vicinity and surrounding without much problem.  Crow has never impressed man.

In corporate world, one need to impress others for survival, while in animal world, if one impress the other means it is unnecessarily inviting the danger or even death.

Why such contrast or contradiction exist between human and animal world.  Why a boss (man) when he/she gets impressed with his or her subordinate, promote & protect such subordinates, while the same man, when gets impressed with some birds or animals destroy them or love to possess them dead or alive.  

The truth is absolutely different.  When a subordinate tries to impress his/her boss, he or she not just showing their talent or unique display of work, but sends a message to the boss that he could achieve all these only because of the boss.  An impressive subordinate help the boss to impress his/her boss in an excellent way.  In nature, all animals and plants are very sincere, honest, naïve and straightforward, hence they just display their impressive beauty or value.  They never make the man to feel that man only has contributed to their beauty or value.  None get impressed by a hunter unless he hunts the impressively strong and brave tiger.  Only the selfishness prevails in human world and nothing else.  If our beautiful nature had learned the art of impressing the psychological space of man, because of man only the beautiful nature had evolved, perhaps that may offer more strength and success to our effort on conservation of nature and natural resources.    

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