When you insist on quality.... a message to corporate leaders

Oct 14




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The corporate leaders must understand the real meaning of quality and why they insist upon .....

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Most corporate leaders,When you insist on quality.... a message to corporate leaders Articles especially the functional heads of R&D, Legal, Production (Manufacturing) or other related functions always claim that the quality norms they follow is unique, unsurpassable and un-comparable.   The meaning they try to convey is that whenever they engage in doing something, they are consistent in their performance and hence the results are also always ‘uniform’.   The manufacturing function on the other hand would claim that the products that are produced, the batch after batch are ‘identical’ and ‘the same’. 


If people repetitively engage in doing the same thing and producing the ‘same’ result is what the quality means, what about creativity. 


Look at the beauty of nature.  No two animal of the same species or two humans are the same and identical, although they may share ‘similarity’.  Even the monozygotic twins also will have some variation.  Further, no two humans or animals will even behave the same way.


In the billions and billions of human population in the world, billions and billions of differences or variations exist.  How such vast differences or variations are possible.  Is that means, the nature and evolution does not have followed any quality norms in its creation.  Is the variation opposite of quality?   Is such variation/differences had occurred accidentally or the creation no two animals of the same species is possible with perfect matching of quality with reference to their ‘identity’ and ‘similarity’.


The view is not against following ‘quality’ norms by people in corporate, be it in manufacturing activity or elsewhere. 


Learn the management principle of ‘quality less ness’ and remember that the ‘law of quality less ness’ is the fundamental of quality.  Variation is the counter product of creativity.  Variation is also the part of ‘vibrancy’ and ‘life’.  Imagine, if the planet has billions and billions of human being look similar and behave similar, what would be the extent of confusion, man may have. 


What the biology has to teach the corporate is to keep the quality in the format of ‘creative variation’ and ‘not producing the same result’, the same meaning and with the same effort.  Naturally the knowledge required for the above also will be one and the ‘same’. 


The quality parameters what the corporate bosses expects in the ‘product’ have to vary with people.  The quality performance means ‘improved performance’ and not the ‘same’ one.  Improvement means, deviation from what is.  When there is an issue of deviation, there is a drift from the ‘quality’ standards.  It means poor quality compliance.  This is how most corporate bosses define things. 


Understand such ‘recursive’ bosses and help them to operate from different domains to deal different situations/task/people. 


Quality should not be defined outside the canvas of creativity.  Every deviation or variation has to be carefully studied to know whether they are towards ‘improvement’ or not.   


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai




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