Development trends of nickel deep-processing products

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In recent years, due to the rapid development of mobile phones, computers and other telecommunications equipments, the ultrafine nickel powder’s market demand continues to rise. 

Only the battery industry demand for nickel products rising from 200 tons in a few years ago to 4,Guest Posting000 tons in 2004, and grow in a rate of 20% every year. The Chinese nickel powder from the products quantity and quality can not meet the market needs. Nickel powder production in 2004 was only 59 tons, 1000 tons of nickel pill, 580 tons of micron nickel powder, 20 tons of nano-nickel powder, 80 tons of micron iron powder, 200 tons of the carbonyl iron alloy powder, 100 tons of coated powder, 20 tons of special materials.China's annual demand for nickel carbonyl products are 4000-5000 tons.

Due to the stringent requirements of the nickel-hydrogen battery products and the multilayered electrode technology needs, not only have high requirements on chemical composition, impurity content of the ultrafine nickel powder, but also requires a very high demand on the physical properties of the product, including powder particle size, surface properties, particle shape, uniformity. Many battery manufacturers and metal powder suppliers in China are mainly imports nickel powder from the international market.

Nickel oxide is mainly used for manufacturing magnetic materials, electronic material enamel paints, ceramics and glass pigment, nickel salt and a nickel catalyst raw material and lithium ion batteries, fuel cells and so on. These fields development conditions are very well. Chinese magnetic products application market is expanding rapidly with the development of the IT industry, the market demand for magnetic materials and components are increasing. According to the Chinese early 21st century planning objectives: the cover and program-controlled switches 800 million units, 30 million units of mobile phones, 60 million units of color TV sets, 15 million units of the black and white TV, VCR 4,400,000. Car production is 3.2 million units, of which the car is expected to match more than 10 million units motor every year, the motorcycle has exceeded 15 million, need the start motor 10 million units/year, the beginning of the 21st century, Chinese market demands speakers 1.2 billion, receivers 360 million, headphones 3 million. With the development of energy-saving lamps, needs a plenty of high-grade soft ferrite magnetic core, anti-jamming core and so on. According to expert analysis, the ferrite magnets market demand will reach 221 million tons. Chinese building ceramics production was ranked first for nine consecutive years in the world, the production accounts for about half of total production of the world's architectural ceramics. These materials are requiring nickel oxide.

Plating anode nickel and nickel powder accounts for a certain market in China, especially the different grades of nickel powder has a different purpose. From a technical difficulty, the technology of producing electrolytic nickel powder and the plating nickel anode is not very difficult. Therefore, first developed these two products, and gradually developed the technology of fine nickel powder taken by matte nickel and imply the industrialization. With good market prospects, profits are very good. Hydrogen storage materials are the raw materials of the clean energy, have large demand. With the development of production and technology can expand to the hydrogen storage materials and battery materials.

Nickel in Chinese market is broad and huge, china also a poor nickel ore resource country, each process products can be sold to make money in the production process. Electrolytic nickel is mainly used for producing nickel concentrate, the price is good, have high profit. Nickel has been dubbed the indispensable "monosodium" of high-tech and new industrial raw materials. Nickel consumption is one of the important signs to measure a country's military, steel, machinery and electronics industries. Therefore, it is one of the strategic materials.


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