Die Cut Boxes-A Comprehensive Packaging Solution

May 20


Kathy Fletcher

Kathy Fletcher

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Custom die cut packaging boxes is the best option to present your products in a stylish way in which buyers can also attract to thier customers and can also style their products in appealing way.


Die cut boxes are the ultimate essential of the custom packaging.  Modern custom packaging owes a lot to this type of packaging. These are the custom cut boxes made specifically according to the size shape and specifications of the product to be packaged. The die cut boxes are made using a steel die and plate which is made particularly keeping in view the specific product. 

The die and plate work very much like the cookie cutters.  They cut the sheets of manufacturing material into a specific shape providing the tailor made packaging solution. The aim is to provide a perfectly fitting outfit to your product unlike the classic standard cartons which act more like the universal packaging for all products.  There are several reasons why the die cut boxes have become one of the most sought after packaging types.

The Budget Factor

There is a common perception that the custom die cut packaging boxes are expensive and are not among the most cost effective options. Though this might apply to the retail boxes required in smaller quantities,Die Cut Boxes-A Comprehensive Packaging Solution Articles it isn’t the case with the bulk boxes. The bulk boxes manufacturers are well aware of the feasibility of die cut boxes. When you need the custom bulk boxes, the die cut boxes are rather among the most feasible options. A single die and plate made to the product’s specifications cut the entire sheet in the required shape and size. It requires minimal labor. Besides, most bulk boxes manufacturers offer the die and plate for free to their customers and do not charge anything extra for the equipment.

The Factor of Precision

Precision is by far the most important feature of die cut custom boxes. It is the top reason behind their popularity. The die cutting machines guided by a sophisticated  system ensures the highest accuracy. All the boxes are exactly the same size and shape and all of them provide most snug fitting for the product. These aren’t just the regular universal boxes neither are they based on ‘one size fits all’ principal. Rather these boxes are your product’s very own outfit made to enhance its beauty. 

Die Cutting can Accommodate All Material Types

Die cutting is a highly practicable packaging solution as it allows you to make a die custom box with a variety of materials. Since every customer has different requirements for durability, weight, etc. Hence they need to be built with different materials. Die cutting machinery can accommodate almost all of these manufacturing materials for packaging boxes. It can be used to create bespoke boxes with fibreboard, cardboard, kraft material, paperboard, and even the clear plastics. Hence you get exactly what you want with the material that fulfils your requirements. Also many packaging companies uk are available near your hyper markets providing the best services of packaging in which you can customize your die cut boxes according to your choice.

Die Cut Boxes are Easy to Assemble

The die cut boxes are usually devoid of the need of an adhesive tape. They can be glued together or can simply be folded at the points of perforation. This makes them simple enough to be assembled easily. A simpler assembly not only saves time but also saves you extra cost of labor. It doesn’t require you to train the staff specifically to assemble the boxes before shipping. Moreover, the Die cut boxes are usually shipped flat and can be assembled later into a box. This saves you a lot on the shipping cost. Hence it makes die cut boxes an affordable option. 

Die Cut Boxes are Highly Customizable

You can make them into any shape, any size and any box design. For example, you can get the die cut boxes made with the windows cut out in them for a better visibility of the product. Besides, you can get the holes made in all of them or cut out handles in them for improved portability and convenience of carrying. In short, the possibilities of customization in die cut boxes are as wide as your imagination. This is why die cut boxes have come to rule The packaging industry with their attractive designs and a precision of size and shape which is second to none. Macaron boxes are also the best option to present your products and many types of products can be displayed in die cut boxes.