Digital Disruption: Increasing Trend Of Remote Working Even After Covid-19

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With the increasing effect of the Corona pandemic, remote working becomes the new norm and more than 50% of the employees are forced to work remotely.

The COVID-19 outbreak has suddenly turned the whole world like a roller-coaster ride and created havoc,Guest Posting and we have been suffering from the last three months. We, as humans, all can do staying at home, maintaining social distancing, and fighting with this dangerous virus.  

But we can not stay away from our work; hence, companies have started to assign work remotely and asked their employees to work from home until this pandemic get-over, and vaccine find. Thus companies thought It is one of the effective solutions because COVID-19 spreads from person to person, moreover remote working reduces the chance of meeting and greetings.

Remote working or working from home, also known as telecommuting, but the craze of it has been rising for decades- thanks to the wide availability of the Internet and digital communication tools that allow employees and employers to perform their jobs even after they are not in the physical office. Well-known publishers have revealed that remote working trend is accelerating also post corona outbreak.

So, let's see the significant factors that increase the trend of remote working in the coming years.


# Internet Fills The Gap Between Workspace & Living Space 

More than another piece of technology, the Internet has changed millennials' life and transformed the way people work. Work is no longer a destination where few people are gathered that involves a hectic nine working hours at the office. Here the Internet is helping businesses work more productively and compete in a corporate market.

Gone are the days when the high speed of Internet plans was expensive, today with the wide range of connectivity, employees are encouraged by the managers themselves to work from home because they already know about employee's efficiency and capability.  

Another reason may come in our mind. As we said earlier, we have been working remotely for the last three months. It feels comfortable and secured, so even after the corona ends, many of us will request their managers to allow remote working permanently.  

The Internet is the boon there, and we can forecast that the list of remote jobs will increase with time. Right now we can't step out from home, so many startups are grabbing this opportunity and thinking to launch their on-demand business model through the white label delivery app, as it is a cost-effective idea to turn your dream into a reality because this business model has enormous market expansion in the upcoming years.


# Digitization & Technology 

With technology becoming closer and closer to your hands, people are now more interested in remote work. This is boon, especially for those people who only need a laptop, a desk, and peace of mind. These days we are told to work from home due to the corona outbreak, but most IT companies are noticing that the trend of remote working is increasing even after Corona ends.

Let's face it-remote work has made our life much easier as it was never before, and credit goes to technology, and various tools such as Google Drive and several communication tools like Skype and Slack have contributed massively to the rising popularity of remote work.

Moreover, advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning perhaps have increased the demand for creative people, and it may not compulsorily require a full-time presence at the office. 

Keeping in mind social -distancing, well-known tech corporations such as Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Dell all are encouraging workers to stay at home. Besides, a shocking study conducted by Upwork more than 65% of companies now has remote workers; among them, 55 % of companies have introduced remote work policy guidelines. It clearly shows the rising trend of remote working even after Corona ends.


# Company Would Save $ With Remote Work  

No matter how much you earn, as an employer, the cost is the first and most important question that comes in your mind. The physical office environment requires huge investment; due to the COVID-19 many businesses also bearing a huge loss here; remote work can save your operational cost and benefit you in the long run. Here remote working can be beneficial for the startup companies as they don't have to invest huge amounts in office infrastructure and can focus on core business objectives.

The increasing trend of remote working directly impacts the company's balance sheet and reduces the lacs of operational costs. It minimizes expenses like rent, furniture, stationery, utilities, Internet, etc.

Flexjobs has stated that employers can save $25000 per year if they allow remote working. Productivity is the biggest hindrance managers face each and every day. Remote work is a solid solution, and out of a hundred 77 people reported that their productivity has increased, and they more likely to work extra and put extra effort into their jobs rather than working physically at the office.


# Attitude About Work Has Changed 

Remote working offers a high level of convenience, especially when it comes to GenZ; they prefer flexible working hours because they are getting used to operating advanced technologies and remote working through they feel like home no matter where they are working.

According to PWC's study, these days, the modern generation believes in good work-life balance; thus, their attitude towards the work has been changed. This is the major reason behind the increasing popularity of remote work trends.


Wrapping It Up

An unforeseen challenge like COVID-19 has paved the way for remote working across the globe, and many people are either switching to full-time remote working or part-time as per their convenience. Employers may get multiple benefits as remote working boosts productivity and can hire a talented workforce for their important projects without any geographical barrier.

Moreover, we don't have a proper solution or vaccine for Corona yet, so it would be good if you work remotely from any place you like as long as you have your laptop and better connectivity. Some people commute to the office once a week to discuss an important client's report.

Thus we can say that remote work is the future even after the situation gets normal because it offers a plethora of benefits to employers and employees.  

Stay Safe!!

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