Driving Theory Test And Driving Questions Practical Test

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It is extremely important to be fully aware of all the traffic rules before hitting the road while sitting on the driver’s seat

The driving knowledge and skills are put to test before one is considered suitable for a driving license. The knowledge about the traffic signals and symbols along with the driving etiquettes are checked with these driving tests. Driving tests are arranged throughout the world. The questions and patterns of the tests may vary to a small extent across the globe,Guest Posting but the general outline of the test remains more or less the same. France is world’s first ever country to make driving tests compulsory in 1899.

A driving test is generally carried out in two parts:

  1. Theory driving test
  2. Practical driving test

A candidate has to pass both the tests in order to be eligible for having a license.


This test varies from nation to nation. The questions are based on the country’s traffic rules. In order to make these tests fair, the theory tests are standardized. Everyone has to appear for the test under similar conditions worldwide, just the pattern of questions varies. In some places the tests are conducted online. Handwritten tests are also conducted at some places. The candidates are given a specific timeslot for the examination and they appear for the test at the specific time. In the test, questions related to traffic laws and road signs are asked. The questions are based on the traffic laws of the respective countries. The tests also comprise of questions regarding road safety and the best practices that need to be followed while driving on road. Technical questions regarding vehicular operation is also asked. The candidate’s knowledge about vehicular maintenance is also checked in these tests. In many countries, it is mandatory for a candidate to pass the theory driving test in order to be considered eligible for taking the practical driving test.


The practical driving test is largely dependent on the applying candidate’s license category. The test is always taken in a controlled environment. The candidate might be asked to drive in congested public roads and open roads as well as a part of maneuverability test. Some of the things that are mostly checked in the practical test are as follows:

  • The ability to drive back and forth without disturbing the set of traffic cones which are put on the road as obstacles.
  • The ability to reverse the vehicle around a corner.
  • The ability to park the vehicle in a narrow area without the use of trailer.
  • The ability to stop the vehicle when an emergency is encountered.
  • The evasive maneuvers are checked.
  • In case of motorcycles, the ability to keep the vehicle stable at a low speed is checked.
  • The ability to couple and de-couple a trailer to truck is checked. This includes the establishment of compressed-air and electrical connections, followed by checking them.

In most of the countries which are members of European Union, the tests are usually taken on a manual vehicle. If an automatic vehicle is used for conducting the test, the license which the driver will obtain after passing the test successfully will only be restricted to these vehicles only.

Other than the theory driving test and the practical driving test, some countries take some other tests as well such as eyesight test and reaction test.

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Driving theory test and driving questions practical test are essential for a driver before hitting the roads. The driving questions for the practical test and the theory tests must be answered after sufficient preparation taken by the candidate.

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