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Boutique grade Catalog Printing audiences positioning are usually more high-end,Guest Posting boutique catalog on the album have a high content and planning requirements, it is also a major bottleneck printing.

To be successful planning boutique grades catalog prints, the key is two things: First, catalog to the customer heart left image, impression, characteristics. Second, according to catalog title conception, there is content and themes, as well as from the market needs and audience's specific analysis.

Manufacturing planning catalog is still the key to catalog cover and the text of "planning", to plan the inside front cover, you must use a reasonable way to express the "meaning". At the same time with "impression" inspiration the reader from general viewpoint to understand boutique catalog printing "boutique" is how to convey, Deepened through the appearance to the content, only to highlight the "excellent" word. Once positioned clear, it should take the "difference" of the road, we attach great importance to catalog's "plan" operations, with excellent "planning", to make the catalog planning "speak". Catalog planning should be from the enterprise nature, culture, philosophy, geography and commodity operations and other considerations.

When the idea of boutique catalog prints, we need to use the image of civilized recognize long time form, life experiences, literature symbols and other background factors considered with goods function as a fundamental point, graphical conception and planning elements, Performance the commodities functions and features.

Post-production for the catalog printed matter is crucial, it contains catalog used paper and printing skills. A little careless, would try in vain before. If boutique catalog printing’s paper, ink and skills are able to pass the skills and equipment to appear, then planning is a kind of feeling and understanding the theme of catalog. Planning dots, line, surface, body, space, color, texture ...... in the eyes of planners, should be endowed with the characteristics and emotions of "meaning", with the fundamental elements to constitute the "impression" expressive force is immeasurable. Planning to seek concise but not simple, colorful but not messy, this is the value of performance boutique catalog printing.

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