Facts for Moving to the Province

Feb 22




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More and more Indian residents are leaving the city. Find through this article all the good reasons to live in the countryside.


More and more Indian residents are leaving the city to seek a less polluted and more peaceful environment. The number of moves has grown since the COVID-19 health crisis. If your residential lease is coming to an end soon and you want to get away from the city to minimize the risks associated with the pandemic,Facts for Moving to the Province Articles but you are still hesitating, find through this article all the good reasons to live in the countryside.

Enjoy a healthier and cheaper life in the provinces

The countryside attracts metropolitan residents who want a change of scenery. Indeed, the air quality is better there thanks to the many wooded areas and also to the public transport which is less developed there compared to those of the city.

The province is also the ideal place to enjoy a less stressful life where tall buildings give way to green spaces. By living in a small village, you will be able to fully savor your weekend to recharge your batteries away from noise and pollution.

Living in the provinces also means enjoying healthier food. You will consume less preserves and frozen meals and prefer fresh local products whether for vegetables, fruits or meats.

Finally, your expenses will be much lower than in town. It is also the ideal setting for starting a family while allowing children to develop better in a healthier space.

A successful move to the provinces 1. Weigh the pros and cons

Have you weighed the pros and cons of life in the provinces? Indeed, we must not forget that the towns in the provinces do not offer the same activities and outings that you will find in town. Likewise, you will not find everything within walking distance of your house such as shops, supermarkets etc. On the other hand, if you prefer a quieter and more peaceful life and you prefer country walks for going out to discos and bars, life in the provinces is for you.

2. Perform the mandatory procedures

Moving is one of the most stressful situations in life. In addition to the move itself, it is imperative to carry out several mandatory steps that involve contacting the right people and taking into account the many administrative specificities.

So we have the solution that allows you to minimize the time spent on these bureaucratic documents and procedures. Our concierge is available to simplify all your mandatory procedures when you move. An advisor is also available to answer all your questions.

3. Move with peace of mind

As it is difficult, even risky, to move yourself to the province, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional mover. Apollo Packers and Movers relieves you of all the tasks related to move with professionals. Let us know your needs and we will estimate the volume of your business to be moved. Subsequently, we will offer you 3 to 6 quotes at the right price in moving, able to comply with all of the personalized specifications for your move. Of course, our employees will ensure compliance with all safety procedures in view of the current health situation.

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