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Cleaning professionals,Guest Posting in charge of maintaining busy areas, such as malls, parks and restaurants, often face a problem with eliminating chewing gum from different surfaces. To eliminate gum residues with minimal effort or time, it is imperative to utilize the auto gum removal equipment from leading brands. These machines basically utilize the gum softening effect of hot, pressurized steam to remove gum deposits from almost all kinds of surfaces. The most advanced machines feature stainless steel brushes and gum cleaner tools for outstanding gum elimination results.

Powerful Machines for Gum Elimination
Online searches for auto gum removal equipment will open up a world of gum cleaner machines and chemicals offered by different suppliers. However, if you are keen on quality, durability, and efficiency, always choose the best versions available from leading brands. Only high-grade machines from well-known brands offer the combined cleaning power of hot steam, gum cleaning solution, high pressure levels, and powerful vacuum extraction capabilities.

Steam Power for Gum Elimination
Gum removal equipment available from reputed brands eject pressurized steam to soften and dissolve gum deposits present on floors and other surfaces. Machines, such as steam cleaning equipment and pressure washer systems, are used for gum removal. Many of the latest steam pressure wash machines generate steam at temperatures of up to 330ºF, pressure levels of up to 3500 psi, and flow rates of up to 4 gpm. Unbelievably, steam helps dissolve even the toughest gum wads that have been stuck to surfaces for years, resisting all efforts of removal.

After the gum has been effectively dissolved, the next step involves eliminating these deposits from the surface. Traditionally, the gum residues were vacuumed off and the remaining moisture wiped away. This technique demanded extra effort and time. To eliminate the need for this additional effort, many of the new-gen gum removal equipment are equipped with vacuum extraction functions. This helps the gum cleaner simultaneously accomplish the functions of gum cleaning and extraction.

The Combined Action of Steam and Gum Cleaning Chemicals
To enhance the gum softening effect and ensure complete chewing gum removal, cleaning professionals now use advanced steam cleaner machines in combination with gum cleaning solutions specifically formulated to dissolve gum wads stuck on different surfaces. Users may also add the chemicals into the detergent tank of the portable steam cleaner systems.

The combined action of steam and the gum cleaner solution effectively dissolves the gum wads. The agitation action of the stainless steel brushes loosens these deposits from surfaces, removing all traces and blotches of the gum. Then the vacuum extraction function of steam cleaner machines takes over and extracts the dissolved gum, moisture, and gum cleaning solution, leaving the surfaces spotlessly clean.

Browse through the online stores of leading brands to check out the most extensive array of chewing gum removal machines empowered with the latest technologies. In addition to product description and images, these web stores also include comparative analyses of different portable steam cleaner versions and videos of the machines in action.

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