Facts That You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Feb 24


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Keep on reading the article to determine the key facts about the non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal procedure.


If you’re on the lookout for a 100% safe and secured eyebrow tattoo removal method,Facts That You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Articles why not go for the non-laser method which has been in the mainstream with its proven effectiveness, faster healing, no side-effect, and cost-effectiveness. Sounds amazing? Well, keep on reading the article to explore five important facts about the revolutionary tattoo removal process.How it works?Perhaps the most appealing fact of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal method is its 100% non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-acidic, formula that makes it absolutely safe for your delicate skin. It involves using of an identical tattoo machine by a certified technician aiming at extracting your eyebrow tattoo pigments from the dermal layer. Accordingly, as a preventive measure and in order to make the process 100% relaxing to you, the inked area of your eyebrow is numbed with a local anesthetic cream and then the skin layer is punctured with absolute care and diligence.The use of the ink eraser and its deinking method effectively penetrates the tattoo area and lifts the ink pigments to the epidermal layer or to the skin surface. Subsequently, the scabbing, dropping, as well as healing of the eyebrow area continues for nearly a week. Once after dropping off all scabs containing ink pigments and healing, they help you recoup your normal stunning skin once again without having to face any sort of scars, skin redness, skin infection which are all possible scary causes of laser removal.Who is an ideal candidate?Having non-laser safe and secured eyebrow tattoo removal procedure is the best fit for any woman• Interested to replace her old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo with a trendy one;• Get rid of an unsightly tattoo;• Dissatisfied with the shape of her eyebrow tattoo;• Undesired migration of tattoo inks that makes it unattractive;• Change of pigments (generally caused by exposure to UV rays and use of poor quality inks);• Social causes/ surgical procedure/ employment purpose etc;How painful it is?Well, as a numbing cream is employed prior to using the tattoo gun for deinking, it feels literally painless. Nevertheless, it should be noted that depending on the type of your skin type, quality and color of ink used earlier, and the amount of pigment migration as well as other issues, if you experience it painful in continuation of the procedure, never hesitate to speak to your technician. They will apply added anesthetic to make it absolutely comfortable and relaxing for you.How many sessions are required?Depending on certain factors such as your health condition, skin type, quality, and type of ink used during microbalding or micropigmentation, it may require you having 3-4 sittings for absolute elimination of the tattoo. All distinguished tattoo clinics arrange their second session only after 30 days that facilitates the growth of fresh skin tissues to perform the next session. Secondly, with a longer waiting period, your skin has more time for healing and ultimately it ends with a satisfying result.What is the risk of having damaging of existing hair or scarring of the skin?Notably, with no exposure to intense laser beams which basically burns the soft skin tissues and results in dropping of remaining normal hair, it has been established of being a secured eyebrow tattoo removal procedure.What are the advantages?• 100% natural process• No scarring or skin scar, no loss of hair or affect on hair growth• No infection of the skin• Faster solution and recovery• Less expensive and less painful