Tattoo machines - for the fashion conscious

Dec 19


Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun

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Long years ago, before the tattoo machine came into existence, it was the electric pen.


Tattoo machines are used to create tattoos on the body of individuals,Tattoo machines - for the fashion conscious Articles wherever it may be.  Whether, it is a couple of words or a design, in vibrant hues and in a shading of their choice, all that is possible with this tattoo machine. It is a fashion status or symbol of the present times, indulged by not only the young but by some of the older folks too. There are various kinds of tattoo machines, rotary tattoo machines, eyebrow make-up and lip machine comes together in a compact box, shader tattoo machine, liner and outliner tattoo machines, eagle pattern tattoo machine, sculpture tattoo machine and scull pattern tattoo machine. A boon for ladies is the Permanent make-up tattoo machine which helps you to look a Princess, daily. They claim this tattoo machine is very convenient, harmless and very mild to the skin of your body, moreover, this tattoo machine is said to last a life time. Tattoo machines are made from stainless steel and cast iron. 

There are also the liner tattoo machines, shader tattoo machines and the rotary tattoo machines. For the purpose of sterilization there is also the ultrasonic cleaner disinfecting machine. Tattoo ink pigment is normally sold in 20ml or 25ml bottles. For those of you who need temporary tattoo stickers, this is available in heart, skeleton and butterfly patterns, to name a few, which are waterproof too.  Stainless steel medical needles, sterilized magnum needles, both straight and curved round, and disposable tattoo tube tips are used for the tattoo machine. The tattoo machine is hand held while the lettering or design is permanently made on the individual, with indelible ink. Most of the tattoo machines sold are signed and numbered by the manufacturer. It has an inbuilt adjustable tension spring which allows the operator complete control while tattooing.  Accessories needed for the tattoo machines are, tattoo needles, tattoo ink, ink caps and bottles, clip cords, control module, module connector and plugs, tips, tubes and grips, sterilization accessories, instructional DVD and the skin scribe, which is the tattoo pen.  It may baffle you to learn that the tattoo machines have not undergone any major changes since it originated as far back as 1820. Tattoo artists generally use the word tattoo machine or iron, instead of the word tattoo gun.

Ever heard of a tattoo transfer, well, that is a new trend, a transfer machine is available, as well as stencil paper and transfer paste cream. Professionals who have tattoo machines always have the tattoo removal machines too.