FAQs for Summerville, SC Nail Salons Regarding Acrylic Nails

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Do you ever get jealous when you see someone with perfect,Guest Posting long nails? Chances are good these beautiful nails are actually acrylic nails that have been put on at one of the best nail salons in Summerville, SC. This faux nail method is ideal for those who want long nails, but can't grow or maintain their ideal nail length or shape on their own. Whether you're tired of having nails that are too short to look professional or you want your nails to look as dramatic as your favorite Instagram influencer, it is time you visit a professional manicurist and learn all about the process of getting acrylic nails. Before you go, let's answer some of your top questions. This way, you'll feel more at ease for your appointment:


What are acrylic nails?

First things first...what are these nails? Acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that's combined into a dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. Acrylic starts to dry as soon as exposed to the air so the nailist must work fairly quickly to form the nail enhancement.


Why should I choose acrylic nails?

Anyone who wants their hands to look more elegant, sexy, or beautiful would benefit from a fresh set. Acrylics are great for changing the shape or extending your nails. They are ideal for people looking to shape their nails into a specific trendy look or who want more length.


Are acrylic nails high maintenance?

Get ready to visit the best nail salons in Summerville, SC a lot because acrylics require a lot of upkeep. Most clients with acrylics generally come in every two to three weeks to get them filled. This is a "fill" and doesn't take as long as getting them put on to begin with. As long as any lifting of the acrylic is filled in, a set can be worn for six to eight weeks before they need to be removed. Once this is needed, you'll need a "new set" not a "fill."


How long does it take to get acrylic nails put on?

This question is hard to answer without knowing all of the details of your exact situation. A full set of acrylic nails takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to apply. How long it will take for you depends on the condition of your natural nails and whether you have old acrylics currently on your nails that need removing or repairing.


How do you remove acrylic nails?

This is not something to do at home. Acrylics should be removed by soaking each nail in acetone until the acrylic is soft enough to remove gently. It is best to have a professional remove them to avoid damage to your nail bed. Ripping them off will hurt and cause damage.


Hopefully, this answers most if not all of your questions. Go ahead and book your appointment. Your nails will look gorgeous very soon!

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