Forward-Thinking Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency

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Let's explore some forward-thinking solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency is the practice of improving the delivery of a product or service while lowering the cost of delivery. It’s something every productive business,Guest Posting corporation, and non-profit strives for, but how can one put operational efficiency into action using everyday, practical thinking? Today we will explore some forward-thinking solutions to improve operational efficiency.


Using Automation and Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency

There is the notion that automation and technology will replace jobs, and therefore, any company that seeks to automate is part of the problem of destroying much-needed jobs. However, there is another way to look at this: automation creates an entirely new industry for tech-savvy designers and frees up staff to take on more challenging assignments.

That is not to say that businesses should simply eliminate jobs and have machines take over small tasks. There is incredible value in a team member that knows and ascribes to the company’s work ethic and procedures. The balance here is to train and promote such team members to other positions in the company as you phase out tasks that can be automated. Increasing automation strategically also means not having to replace as many retiring workers. It is possible to introduce automation without job loss.

Automated tasks take people away from the “grind” of a job (answering and transferring calls, data entry, form generation, etc.) and allows them to focus on more engaging tasks that keep them more satisfied at work. Automation for operational efficiency also reduces the number of human errors, therefore increasing customer service overall.


Improving Operational Efficiency with Self Service Options

Have you been to a grocery story or a McDonald’s recently, purposely choosing that brand because of the self-serve kiosks? Adding self-service options to a business allows customers with simple transactions to skip long lineups – and this in turn can increase transactions because your customers know they don’t have to wait around to order or check out.

Corporations can also take advantage of self-service technology. Some companies are using tablets in the reception area for guests to check in, receive a WiFi password, and send a message to the person they wish to see. Even something as simple as an automated drink station that can produce everything from black coffee to lattes will have a positive effect on your clients.


Digital Meetings and Inspections

Technology comes, once again, to the rescue when it comes time to hold meetings or inspect facilities. Applications such as Skype and GoToMeeting allow teams to meet online, regardless of their geographical distances. Other applications, such as Teamwork and Basecamp, allow teams to collaborate on important documents and follow the progression of projects without any messy overlap. 

Meetings can be wasteful in terms of time and money when you must fly in team members and provide accommodations or pull people away from their desks just to get a project update. Using online and mobile apps reduces this waste, reduces errors (no duplicate paperwork or multiple version of the same document) and saves the company a great deal of money.

As for brief visual inspections of a yard, shop, or product line, invest in drones or camera technology that can be controlled remotely. Again, this frees up the time it takes to drive to and inspect a facility.


Learn New Ways of Improving Operational Efficiency

These are just a few of the ways your company can improve operational efficiency. Each business is unique, and therefore has unique operational efficiency needs. The Burnie Group, a business consulting firm that works with companies of all types and sizes, will help you and your team discover the most affordable and effective ways to improve operational efficiency. Learn more by contacting us today.


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