Free Money Making: A Myth or a Reality

Aug 17 19:59 2008 Daegan Smith Print This Article

There is no such thing as a free lunch. We grew up hearing that clichÈ over and over again. Then here comes the internet enticing us by actually telling us that you can make money free.

For so long we dreamed that there would be some sort of a money plant and we could just pick out the green as if we were picking fruits. It was possible in cartoons,Guest Posting TV shows and movies but never in real life.

There are ads claiming that by just viewing their advertisements, you will get money.

Just by visiting their websites that are supported by advertisers, cash will flow in. Some give you cash for checking out their advertisements. Whereas others give you cash for putting their ads on your site.

Either way, the multi-level marketing method that has been rampant and popular in todayís technologically driven world has worked for most people, thus the encouragement for others to join in.

If you are a webmaster on the look out for a plan on how to make money, you might want to check at referral programs. Referral programs provide the percentages needed for the sales that must be uploaded on the website.

We strongly recommend Google AdSense. The key in multi-level marketing is that everytime the phrase is googled, the hit amounts to a dollar rate. This is the good thing with the site owner. But if you are website owner who uploaded an advertisement on his site, every time a visitor from your site clicks on the link that is uploaded on your site, you will also earn some income because it is like you referred them to that page.

Then there is also the scheme wherein you will get money simply by just answering surveys. The appealing thing about this method is that you can actually earn money in your spare time. It will only take ten minutes, sometimes even five, and you get paid for that.

These schemes sound too good to be true. Chances are they may be. We advise those who would like to try these out to be very careful before they jump into the bandwagon. Some employers, knowing that since it is a work at home scenario primarily (most multi-level marketing are) take their employees for granted and don't pay on time. Sometimes they even let them do more than what they have agreed on. The employee is then on the losing end because he does so much for something so little.

Make money free may seem to be too diabolical but there are these procedures and methods that make it closer to what is really out there. We all want something free, hell, sometimes there are. Like those free clinics or free stamps and the like. But this is mostly because of charity.

With regards to making money free, it is a whole new ball game. To everyoneís dismay, there is still no tree out there which could be planted and then cultivated for everyone to pick bills from.

Though let's say there is such a tree, chances are everybody will keep on going back and picking the bills until that tree will have no more fruit to bear. In the end, the idea of something so free may not be free after all because it will come to a halt eventually.

Make money free, so what do you think of that statement? Is it a myth or a reality?

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