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The corporate must learn the problem of image and hence the HR must be very careful in building....

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Horned toad/horned frog are neither a frog nor a toad and they are not even the member of Amphibian group of animals.   However,Guest Posting they are popular throughout the world as ‘horned toad or horned frog’.  They, in fact belong to the reptilian group of animals.


Genesis of how the reptile got its name linked with an amphibian is more due to the morphological similarities, the animal share with toads and frogs.   The message is that even in science, ‘more than’ the scientific facts, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, behavioural ecology etc., of the animal, the morphology and its comparison/similarities matters or had influenced the nomenclature. 


Based on some similarities, nomenclature has been made and subsequently the same got its due popularity through continuous usage. Hence the popularity prevails over science especially in the field of taxonomy and nomenclature.   The corporate people should understand this message clearly. 


Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, fact or myth, everything takes the side scene and only the ‘popularity’ churns the belief system.    This cardinal insight, the HR function in every corporate must learn in order to define the corporate culture in the right direction, right from the beginning.  Any failure to the above would cause serious damage to the image of the corporate as a whole.


Mostly the single man’s corporate are the one known to support and develop the culture of favoritism, sycophancy and ‘yes boss’.   Even a mouse or a shrew, if the single man likes, would become head of the organization.   The right fitment of people for any job in such corporate is determined not based on the experience or qualification of the employees, but what the ‘ultimate’ boss- the single man, wishes and feels only decides the selection process. 


Such corporate would easily earn a very bad image and such an image is difficult to remove.  Sometime the corporate may attempt to change the image sincerely by bringing several changes at the structure and hierarchy of the corporate system.  But only the popularity i.e. the negative popularity what the corporate has already earned only prevails like how a reptile is called as frog/toad. 


Creating an image is therefore is very important for every corporate.  Only the visionary HR’s can bring right practices and policies in the corporate.  Only when the single man ‘cult’ is removed consciously, real changes become possible.  If they refuse to learn and correct their mistakes, they would be called ‘horned frog’ every after they start proving they are reptile. 


It is not ‘later’, ‘now’ matters and hence the HR should act now.  Unfortunately the HR functions in most ‘single man owned corporate’ compete in such corporate just to clean and polish the ‘wishes’ of the entrepreneurs. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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