Garden buildings are beautiful addition to the garden itself

Dec 2


Jay Moncliff

Jay Moncliff

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Portable buildings are a clever way to utilize resources for a short time.


Garden buildings are arguably the most popular feature in most gardens. To have a pergola,Garden buildings are beautiful addition to the garden itself Articles or a garden shed surrounded by a picturesque garden is in itself a tonic for the average person. A garden building per se has to be not just aesthetically appealing but also weather resistant and sturdy. Garden buildings have passed through the ages to modern times as a fixed feature of landscaped and home gardens. In the olden days it was the fashion among the upper crust to have several summerhouses, playhouses for the children besides the utilitarian sheds for gardening tools and storage.

Most gardens whether sprawling or pintsized benefit with the addition of some whimsical form of shelter. Of course in today’s context the range of garden buildings is enormous. Garden buildings today have a variety of structures which range from a tiny pergola or pavilion to huge greenhouses and mini garages for parking the extra vehicles such as the lawn mower and the snow blower. There is a very tasteful addition to one’s garden when a garden building is added to the landscape. It may not serve any actual purpose, but the very sight of such a garden building is enough to uplift one’s spirits.

If one were to take a general purview of the kinds of garden buildings available today, we can divide them broadly into utilitarian and decorative. The garden buildings in the decorative category are vast in number and range from the exquisite Buddhist temples found in typically Japanese and Chinese gardens to the rose covered bowers so popular in the countryside. Garden swings that are enclosed in little cabins are also deemed as garden buildings. The English were the first to have little Grecian temples installed in their gardens. They also had small open sheds with statues or benches called follies.

There are garden buildings that are multi functional as in they are used to store equipment, are used as game rooms, to house swimming pools, as garden offices and as sunrooms and solariums. Of course the average greenhouse for plant use is a given. Many people opt to have their children’s playroom outside in the garden not just for the pleasant atmosphere, but also so that the children can play without any inhibitions about making too much sound. A more luxurious version of the playroom is to have a bar and games room installed in the garden. Cabanas around the outside swimming pool are also called as garden buildings.

Many people make utilitarian or fancy kennels and hutches for housing their pets. Some of these garden buildings come with a wire enclosed run for the animal in question. Many animal breeders have carefully constructed sheds, catteries, stables and the like in the garden itself. It gives the pet the freedom of running in the garden without messing up the main residence. Others prefer to have their workshops or private study in the garden so as to simultaneously enjoy their garden and get their work done.

Ultimately, garden buildings are an extension of the beauty of a garden.