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Delhi, the capital city of India, is a beautiful and historic city. It is a very old city, and it has been extended to accommodate the huge population. According to a recent census, the population of Delhi has reached 25 million

It is one of the most densely populated cities of India and the 4th populated city of the world. Delhi is a Union Territory. However,Guest Posting it has earned the status of a city. The city has a Chief Minister, a high court. Both the federal government and the local government administrate Delhi. The city is abuzz with activity since 6th century BC.

Infrastructure of Delhi

Delhi Jal Board supplies water in Delhi, around 650 million gallons daily. Delhi has a lot of roads, making commuting easier. The electric supply is jointly managed by Tata Power Distribution and BSES Rajdhani. Delhi has the highest number of roads in India and covers 2103 km. Common man in Delhi travels by bus. Delhi Transport Corporation owns the buses in Delhi. The buses are run on CNG. Delhi has the highest number of buses running on CNG. Delhi is very well connected with roads, railways and flights. Delhi is also well-connected with the metro network.

Economic Structure of Delhi

Delhi is the economic hub of North India. The per capita income of Delhi was Rs 210,000 as of 2013. Some of the key industries in Delhi are Information Technology, tourism, hotels, real estate and various others. The retail industry is huge in Delhi. Some of the biggest fashion designers are in Delhi. Some of the country’s largest real estate companies have their base in Delhi. Delhi is home to several consumer goods company. Delhi has a good manufacturing base. A lot of media houses are based in Delhi.

Peep in the Real Estate

The real estate in Delhi has a huge market. Real estate in proper Delhi is quite steep. You get small apartments in stand-alone buildings, also spacious apartments in large condominiums. The real estate prices start from Rs 30 lakhs away from the city to Rs 2 crores in the heart of the city. Some of the features of the apartments include polished doors, mosaic or tiled flooring, piped-gas for cooking convenience, power backup in times of electrical failure in the area, armed security guards. You can get 2BHK Flats or 2BHK Apartments in Delhi according to your requirement. You can go for new apartments coming up or resale apartments. Resale apartments cost a bit less than new ones.

Civic Concerns in Delhi

Electricity is a major concern in Delhi. It gets worse in the summer months. However, the matter has recently been taken care of with the entrance of a new player in the domain. Congestion and slow traffic are also matters of concern in the city. This matter has been resolved with the building of new roads and flyovers. The local police have taken steps to control the traffic. Safety of women is the primary cause of concern in the capital city. However, the local police, the local Government and Human Rights Commission are taking steps to take drastic steps on criminals.


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