Gomez Peer | In-Depth Guide to the Easiest Way to Make Money

Mar 11


Ben Fu

Ben Fu

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More people every day are searching for a new way to earn money. We're through with the scammy "PTC" and "GPT" sites, and we want something new. Well, the solution? GomezPeer, a program that allows users to earn money in a special, unique yet simple way.


More and more people these days are looking for online money making opportunities,Gomez Peer | In-Depth Guide to the Easiest Way to Make Money Articles especially free ones! But wherever I go to look for these things, all I get is spam, spam, and MORE SPAM! What's the spam about? Of course, I'm sure many of you have heard about those cheap "getting paid to click on advertisements" and "get paid to take surveys" type of BS. The truth is, more than 90% of those kinds of sites are scam! So, I've come up with a nice alternative that's 100% sure to earn you some extra income.

What is this exciting alternative? It's not very popular, that's for sure. Have you ever heard of getting paid to leave your computer on? Well, there is a way! The website that provides this kind of money-earning process is called GomezPeer.

Let me tell you what this site is about first before you go on there. GomezPeer is a free program that pays you (via paypal and/or alipay) for downloading their software and just running it 24/7 on your computer.

Now, the first thing that comes up in your head is, "I have to DOWNLOAD it?" Yes, you do. And if are one of those paranoid losers out there who think everything that you download from the internet is a virus, then just stop reading this post and go get a life. For the other people out there, we can be friends. I can assure you that this software doesn't do anything to your computer. In fact, to earn your trust, I've given you guys a link (see at the bottom of the page) to the file I've personally downloaded from the GomezPeer site. The file's clean!

Whew! Got that out of the way. Now, more about how to earn money, right? Now, let's start all the way from the beginning. I'll go over how to sign up for a free account, become a pending member, then becoming an active (and paid!) member.

1. Go to the GomezPeer website (link at the bottom) and create a free account.

2. After signing up, you'll see a page with all your account details. If you look under "Account Status", you'll see something like this:

Your new account status!

WTF is a "pending member"? Don't worry, this is fine. You won't be considered "active" until you download the software and start using it to actually prove that you're committed to making some money. And that's what we're going to do next.

3. Now look on the left sidebar and click on "Download PEER Install":

You will be redirected to a new page. Read the information! After knowing which version to download/install, now you can click on the corresponding link to the correct download for you. Download and install.

If you have Windows (only supported OS), read this:

Install Instructions for the PEER for Windows

After answering a few questions and choosing a destination folder, the Installation Wizard will uncompress and install the Gomez PEER application.

Gomez PEER will automatically start the next time you reboot your system. For those who can't wait that long, the application can be launched from the GomezPEER.exe icon in the START->Programs->Startup menu.

When Gomez PEER runs for the first time, you will be required to enter the username that you chose when you registered. The Gomez PEER has been engineered to be virtually unnoticeable on PCs that meet the minimum system requirements. A small icon in your system tray will indicate that the PEER application is running "in the background" of your machine. Double-clicking on this icon will launch the Peer GUI. A 'right-click' on the icon will bring up a context menu that allows you to quit the application.

4. After installing the software and following the instructions above, your GomezPeer application should be running in the background peacefully. It won't disturb you, and you can continue all your fun things you usually do on your computer.

It will take 14 business days for the Gomez staff to process your request. Within that time period, they will decide if they want you as an active PEER or not. If you're not accepted within 14 days, PLEASE do not contact me. I'm not one of their staff! Use some common sense and contact the Gomez staff to inquire about your account status. I'm sure they'll be much nicer to you compared to what I would tell you =)

One cool thing I really love about this program is that you get $1 per active referral! That means if you give your referral link to 45 peers around you (I'm positive you have at least 45 friends...), and they all become active members, you can be earning the maximum monthly payment!

Now, again, for all you paranoid people who kept reading: this site is not a scam. I can prove it to you (not gonna show my paypal account though, cuz I know there's some retarded hackers out there) using common sense:

  • GomezPeer does not claim to earn you thousands of dollars per month like other bullcrap payment sites. The monthly minimum payout is $5, and the max payout is $45 (they won't pay you more than that per month)
  • GomezPeer does not spam you with emails to join other lame companies. I have not received any email except regarding my personal PEER account.
  • GomezPeer has very reasonable payment rates:Online Time Payments (per day) $0.08Processing Time Payments (per min.) $0.0002Referral Bonus (per Active Referral) $1.00Min. Monthly Payment $5.00Max. Earnings per month $45.00

Now, you see how easy it can be to earn money as simple as just leaving your computer on! Please don't expect to make a living out of $45 a month. If you think that, then really, earning money online is not the right type of job for you.

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