Peerless Peer Pressure

Jul 5


(J) Marshall Wade

(J) Marshall Wade

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“I never met a man that I didn’t like” (Will Rogers). Well, not sure of anyone else, but I’ve met a lot I would have loved to introduce him to.


“All men are created equal.” Whoever believes that just needs to get out more often. There are a few I wouldn’t consider a “peer” to anything – well; maybe whale waste. It’s been said a thousand ways, Peerless Peer Pressure Articles but basically, “peer pressure” is supposed to be able to exert a lot of strain on us, regardless of age, and I’m very aware I’m not unique.

We can blame others if we wish, for that is our normal way of not facing reality...”peer pressure”, as with the power of TV, and other instances, derives all of their strength from our individual minds. We let them control us! How are we going to be “different”, or “make a statement”, if we allow ourselves to be a controlled puppet by someone we don’t even know?

Barrels of ink have been applied to all types of parchment on the solution to “peer pressure”. Well, yours truly got sick and tired of being susceptible to it, and hauled my happy self to the library (they’re free). Locating the most elephantine and comprehensive dictionary I could lay my paws on, I checked it out, hibernated in my basement, and over the next six months, considered the definitions of thousands of words, cross-referenced them with the world’s largest thesaurus, and finally was able to comprise a sensible sentence that resolved my sensitivity to “peer pressure.

Would you believe, so far, it has worked every time, and I’m very pleased to share it with you...drum roll, please! TO HELL WITH IT! TO HELL WITH PEER PRESSURE! My old English teacher would be highly happy, I’m sure!

In the words of Adlai Stevenson, “Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that he sometimes has to eat them.” So, do you believe my little venture to the library? Damned if I know! But either way, I’ll evermore cling to my well-earned and beloved words: TO HELL WITH PEER PRESSURE!

That resolves that enigma! Now; without allotting precious minutes of our lives to worrying about what our so-called peers think, we can concentrate on improving our selves – and then let them worry about good peer pressure from us. If that, for some reason, doesn’t work for you, then recall that peer pressure is nothing but intimidation. At different times in our lives, we all feel intimidated by someone, even though they may not be trying to do so; therefore, once again, yours truly came up with a solution...another drum roll please! When I feel intimidated by someone, I picture them (in my mind) sitting on a “throne”, with the rearward, lower part of their anatomies corked! You have your own dreams; and sub-coming to peer pressure only stops you from attaining yours.... don’t do that! 

What are your ambitions? As we are all aware, ambitions are our hopes, wishes, dreams, desires, goals, and aspirations – the “somewhere” special we wish to go, the “someplaces” in particular we desire to see, the ”somethings” unusual we hope to do, and the “somebody” we aspire to be. We pray, dream, visualize, reflect on, converse about, and rationalize over them sometimes on a daily basis. Why let another divert us from our destiny?

Our compulsions, directions, bearings, education, books we read, places we go, things we do, thoughts, visions, creativeness, and all that is us as an individual, is ours, and ours alone. We must be our own person, our own leader – yes; seek the advice of those we trust, but we are the one’s who will live with the decisions.

We live in America – we can be any type of person with character we wish, go almost anywhere we want, and do almost anything ... if we are willing to pay the price! It’s true, the gospel, authentic, factual, electric, verifiable, unimpeachable, genuine, inspiring, solid, valid, your life, constant, the way to go, right on, reality, sterling, classy sincere, precise, go for it, tantalizing, natural, well-grounded, brave, bold, and downright nothing but the truth! Those who tell us different are full of ...uuuuuh, beans. Do what is right for you! TO HELL WITH PEER PRESSURE!

While we are on the subject of peer pressure; from the very young stages of our lives, to the final curtain, when we pass on to our next “time” to explore and learn, I will always hold to the conviction we all should have someone we can admire – a hero, a model, a paragon to guide and help mold us into the type of person we wish to be.

Personally; I have many of them: my family, Robert E. Lee, General George S. Patton, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Patrick McGoohan, Carl Sagan, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Steven Hawkins, and Arnold Swartzenegger – they are all folks whom I admire for one reason or another. Naturally, as with all of us, they have (or had) their faults.

The libraries are chuck full of books of such folks, past and present, of all races and ages, who have faced and triumphed over numerous tribulations of all types, and went on to achieve their goals. Everyone of them have (or had) traits and talents that would inspire almost anyone...audacity, perseverance, top-down thinking confidence in themselves, intelligence, and common-sense to ask others for help and/or advice, setting goals, and other abilities.

However, I believe the main over-riding characteristic was to pay the price for what they wanted – to follow their dream! Did they have their share of doubt, loneliness, feeling no one cared, hardships, etc.? Of course, but they kept on going-not allowing anyone or anything to burst their bubble ---they never gave up! And while we are on the subject of paragons, have you ever considered being one? Why not? We live in America – you can be any type of person you desire.