Gravitate the Opportunity to Kick-Start Internet marketing amid a Pandemic

Oct 28


Charles Daniel

Charles Daniel

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Digital promotion of businesses becomes more rapid & small businesses are getting rich dividend from it.


Traditional methods of marketing may seem to work perfectly fine for many businesses,Gravitate the Opportunity to Kick-Start Internet marketing amid a Pandemic Articles but will that remain the same if a business cannot follow the protocol of traditional marketing when humans need to be confined to remote working and not meet others. This is the case scenario because of Coronavirus, but it does not have to affect your business' marketing if you can adopt a better and now a widely growing strategy. Here, let's understand the post precise internet marketing methods.

Email Marketing

First, let's understand why Email Marketing is on top of our list, Email Marketing might be one of the most ancient and initial methods of internet marketing, heading back to 1978, but the very first campaign generated $13 million in sales. When there has been no proper reason for businesses to start with their campaigns, the Coronavirus Pandemic is the right time!

Whether you are a small business trying to survive the crisis, or a big one Email Marketing is known to be 40x more effective than any other internet marketing strategy to generate leads and that is why it has always been on top of the list. During this crisis, there has been a 36% increase in click-through rates of Business Emails sent and can prove to be a killer start point to battle physical constraints.

Building your Email List may seem like a better option when you have just adopted this strategy, but let's break the truth it is not! In-house Email Database costs you more resources and time, beginning from the training of a new team to compile data to set in front of a readily available Email List, which you can use. The next best thing you can do after adopting the strategy to use Email Marketing would be to outsource a pre-packaged Email List and your business is ready to take that big step!

Content Marketing

Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack published in 1732, the core aim of this publishes was to promote his printing business, yes that is where we Content Marketing began. Questions of how will Content Marketing influences businesses today in the middle of a virus break-out globally are the big question! Well, with more people remotely working and spending much more time at home, there is a constant thirst for information and are ready to listen.

This is a situation where businesses should take a shot at in Content Marketing with the perks that this situation throws light on. Did you know that 60% of businesses have already invested in Content Marketing in 2020? So here is the right way to start your Content Marketing Strategy.

  • Define a Marketing Goal and set your Key Performance Indicators that can include Customer Engagements and Conversion rates
  • Identifying the Ideal Customer base and figure out the best channels of reaching them such as YouTube, Podcasts, Apps, and much more.
  • Figure out your Content-Format, which can focus on Blogs, Presentations, Case Studies, etc.
  • Create the most suitable content, from standardized research and execute your creation.
  • Finally, the most important part is your measurable results.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing was thought to be a phase that would soon pass, but Social Media Marketing has been since the 1970s and continues to grow in 2020. When you are a B2B Marketer on Social Media, you can have potential businesses follow you through the right promotions, and in times follow brands that can influence your business. When you are a B2C Marketer, It is a beneficial point that 53% of individuals on social media are following a brand.

Coronavirus has increased social media usage by 21%, giving businesses the opportunity to find their booming point when indulged in it.

Building an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start from Forming Goals, research for your audience, focus on your social media metrics such as outreach, clicks, and engagements, and know what your competitors are doing on social media to come up with better strategies, implement your product/service market and assess your results.

Perks of starting a Social Media Marketing Strategy after covid19 beak-out!

  • 61% increased streaming on social media.
  • 12% Video Streaming Increase.
  • 20% of web traffic growth.
  • 75% of online gaming has increased.
Paid Advertisement

You can have the best content in hand, but promoting is never really easy when your only focus is free social media channels. Paid Advertising now can play an immense part when 90% of the people in the US have started browsing more online. Businesses, in general, buy ad spots and generate 10x times more than what they have paid.

To adopt paid advertising into your strategy and make it impactful firstly you need to create your advertising keyword list and test and evaluate how it has been working for you and secondly, track your ads, the best paid of paid advertisements is that they are completely measurable.

Paid Ads that best work for Businesses now!

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Instream Ads

Now, at this moment there are B2B companies taking up this step as you read this article and some already have, the results that Internet Marketing gives to businesses during this period can be a consistent source to have an efficiently flowing business, and prepare businesses for a post-pandemic