Here’s Everything You Must Know about Alarm Locks

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Deploying Alarm Lock Card Access Systems can help you enjoy enhanced security and better management for accesses within your office or commercial premises. A lot of corporate buildings specially install these locking mechanisms to track their employee's active hours, time on the system, or other crucial details that can help them manage in an efficient manner.

Managing your employee's details,Guest Posting access points, and restricted access locations becomes much easier with these smartest yet highly cost-effective locking solutions. If you're planning to install alarm locks at your office premises but doesn't know much about its features and benefits, then read the sections below to collect all the details that can help you make a favorable decision when it comes to getting them installed:

1.Fasten Codes and Cards

All of these locking mechanisms use a toggle code that allows only authorized users to leave the lock in an open or closed state. Naming it as a special card, pin or user, the locks provide optimal ease while managing the security and privacy of several restricted areas.

The add-on feature of these locks assists in keeping the door open for long during product movements, transits processes, and others to prevent you from entering the same code again and again.

2.Special Pins and Cards

Apart from providing the regular access to your employees, some of the alarm locks comes with special support to help you manage restricted access with great ease.

Locksmith Dubai marina professionals claim that using a prox card or a pin code to safeguard your special or restricted areas is highly effective when it comes to managing your corporate security and privacy. Use both the features, a pin and prox card, to ensure that stolen card or shared pin codes are never used to gain access to your premises.

3.Choose Wireless Models for Better Support

Alarm Lock Networx is a new alarm lock technology that comes with wireless support. If you've purchased a locking setup without wireless support, then also you can upgrade to a wireless system and manage both the locking mechanisms on the same database. Get in touch with your lock's OEM and upgrade the entire setup to wireless with the help of vendors offering locksmith services in Dubai.

4.Use One-Time Codes for Visitors

If you have varied kinds of visitors coming to your workplace regularly, then you can use unique codes for managing security and privacy in a better way. The self-explanatory pin code can be used only once, and post that it cannot be used anywhere to unlock any door in your premises.

If you have contractors and vendors visiting you every day, then you can use this smart solution to manage their footfalls without any fear.

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