How An Average Person Can Make $10,000+ Mo In a home based Business

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Can an average person, with only modest resources earn $10,000 per month consistently, and within the confines of a 20-30 week, and do this from their home?  The answer is a resounding YES and this article tells you how to go about doing exactly this. The article is general but the referenced resource will take those with specific wants to a firm, proven model and company.

How An Average Person Can Make $10,Guest Posting000+ Mo In a Home based Business

The first natural question is: Can this really be done, or this is hype. The fact is: It not only CAN be done, but it's being done every day.  Not by "the masses", but that's because most people don't have the know how.

The next question that is logically asked is, "What is an "average' person?"

That's going to be our starting point. From there, we'll out line some principles that make this make sense, and then we'll provide resources for those  really interested in a serious home based business to consider.

What is an Average Person?

First let's recognize that there's really two types of "average" people:  A STATISTICALLY average and a PERCEPTIVE average. But there's no absolute average because to have that even in the statistically average category, we'd have to definitively define the top and bottom end point characteristics. Way too complicated. So then we are left to what we as individuals believe. That's "perceptive average" and again..  there's no universal or absolute "perceptive average" Each of us all has our own ideas of what "average" is.  Why are we apparently wasting print and time with this little discussion?  Because of the legalities. When we state a claim, we have to be accurate. Thank the lawyers for all of this.

Well.. we made a claim and a statement, and we agree that there's no universal average person definition, so we have to start out to define that.  If this fits your idea, then the rest of the article will make much more sense and help you. If not, time to press on.

Defining The Average Person

For this article, the average person will be between   18 and 70+/-, any race, speak at least English but that does not have to be their primary language; have at least a high school education or equivalent; be able to converse with ease; be reasonably well groomed... clean is more important than fashion... and be able to both follow instructions and also work independently.

The average person can get around in society and has access to and knows how to use public transportation or has access to a car. Today the average person also has access to or owns a computer and a phone.

If this fits you, or you can fit yourself into that definition or set of parameters, you have what it takes to be on track to earn $100,000K plus a year from your home.

How To Do It

Here I'm going to lose half of the readership as I say you must "sell" a product or service with a high yield. I know I'll lose many readers because they say, "I'm not a salesman" or "I don't like to sell".  Again, this is strictly attitude! It has to do with how one feels about what selling is, and unfortunately the word and idea has gotten a bum rap. EVERYONE is a sales person to some degree!   Again, we could write volumes on the subject of selling... and lose the readership all together. For now, suffice it to say that to accomplish the goal of earning $100,000 per year in your home based business, or any business for that matter, you must become a sales person.  If you need help, search the internet for help on the topic. It's only an attitude and a skill which you can develop.

If you accept that to earn money in your own business that you must be somehow involved in sales, then the next two factors are to consider are time and what is your goal of earning per unit of time?  Time has finite limits... for all of us there are only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  But for most of us in a home business we are going to limit ourselves to possibly 4 hours a day 5 days a week.  You choose your own numbers.

If those were our numbers, then we have 20 hours a week  to dedicate to our business, and taking two weeks vacation a year and holidays, let's say we have 50 weeks to work or earn in.  That's  a total of 1000 hours. To earn $100K, we have to earn $100 per hour.

Looks hard.. but it's not impossible.  The first thing we must do is find a product/service/business that essentially is high ticket and that will pay us in the area of $1000 per transaction.

Then we need to expand this to include a product that has masses appeal so we have a large market.

This should be in a growth market.

Ideally it would be a product/service that people are all ready buying/using and are comfortable with the price points of what you have. Above all, it must represent value to them.

Other ideals are that in your home business you can operate without a need to make frequent and regular purchases from you supplier; you can deliver your product or service electronically or with no need to stock, and also you will be paid promptly and upon each sale and not need to wait for some magic commission threshold. As ideally would be that your company you are working with has a track record of business and can provide  you with a proven model.  Additionally you don't need to pay a franchise fee or royalty fee on every sale.

Lastly, it would be ideal if you could offer your product or service to the prospect so that they do not have to put out any fresh or new money out of pocket. People are strapped today, and with the cost of gasoline looking to escalate to the $4.00 per gallon range, they are going to get more strapped.

Do such businesses exist?  Yes.  and Yes again.

One of the first things you need to do on your path to earning $10,000 per month is now is to get over any fear or apprehension about marketing a high ticket item. First, the term is relative! A Chevrolet probably costs more than a Kia; a Lexus more than a Chevrolet, and yet there are people earning money in each market.  Now those markets are a bit more segmented that our ideal market, but the point is people have and are willing to spend money... but of course and again, our ideal product or service is not going to make them take new money out of their pocket every month.

However, every product and service will have a cost, and that's how you will derive revenue. Having a cost and how it is presented or marketed are two different items, but you must begin by recoginzing that it takes no more effort or skill to present a properly value oriented product or service than it does a low cost one. And it takes far fewer customers to make the $10,000 with high profit items!

Lastly we should comment about the time to make the $10,000 a month. One model we are familiar with is based on 2-4 appointments (generally home appointments in the eve) 4 days a week. It will take some time to set appointments up. An appointment will run about an hour, and you may have driving time.  So we  are talking about a time investment of  3-4 hours daily, 4 days a week.  The model we know of works; but not every reader will be able to adapt to that time initially.  If so, then adjust your reading of this article to a lower amount based on the time you do have.

In conclusion, with the right product or service.... and they are "out there"... the average person CAN earn $10,000 a month.  Act and prosper in your home based business.

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